Spokane Thunder January Update

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The Spokane Thunder 2007 campaign is off to a flying start! The January camp welcomed veterans and rookies, all with great enthusiasm and talent. The 2007 show, “The 24-Hour Suite”, promises to be technically challenging and will provide crowd-pleasing excitement. The centerpiece of the show is a production of Rob Smith’s composition for wind band, “Push”. The music ensemble has mastered about 2 minutes of the production already.

Corps members arrived at camp to find a full complement of brand new battery percussion, keyboards, and brass instruments waiting for them. Spokane Thunder will now completely perform on Yamaha instruments. The brass section sound will be powered by Yamaha brass, featuring the Xeno Custom trumpet.

Along with the new instruments, a uniform revision is being made to include new colors to match the red forest drums. Thunder will be colorful both musically and visually!

As in 2006, the 2007 version of Thunder will have an international connection (last year it was Japan; this year, Canada) and members representing at least 5 states. At this time we have members from 12 high schools, and 9 universities. Interest is high — the corps will have more than 70 members this year, including a much-expanded color guard.

Also in the works is a substantial upgrade to the corps website, www.spokanethunder.org. Additional features will soon be added to make the site more informative as well as interactive. The Spokane Thunder will represent the Pacific Northwest very well in DCI Division III again this year. Stay tuned for more news……

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