Carolina Gold 2007 Open House Report

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That faint thunder of drums and distant echo of brass were the talk of the town this Saturday as Rocky Mount, NC realized that Carolina Gold was BACK! Over 50 veterans, new members, staff, and supporters converged on this bustling North Carolina city along I-95 for the 2007 Open House and first rehearsal of this unique season.

The weekend began on Friday night as the new Gold Administration Team arrived early to prepare and setup for Saturday. Much to their pleasure, a slew of Gold Veteran’s started to trickle in and offer help. We had new members walking in all from parts of the East Coast, jumping in, and offering a hand to the veterans as we had quite the evening cleaning and polishing the entire Dynasty Brassline, as well as giving some TLC to our Dynasty Drumline. The evening winded down eventually to the laughter of old friends re-uniting, and the smiling faces of new friends being made.

Saturday Morning started off…..well….. let’s just say the Dr. Beat had written a painful prescription for awaking from a deep gym-floor slumber! Registration began at 9am, and a line formed at the registration table. The members enjoyed a hot breakfast (Eggs and Bacon rock!) while the cafeteria started to swell with new faces. After a 10:00 corps meeting with the new Corps Director Bob Glover, everyone broke into sectionals to start our 2007 Journey.

The day was filled with a great deal of playing and a superb work ethic. The Drumline’s technique book was learned, as well as the 2007 Cadence “Where’s the Van?” and the Irish Parade Tune for the coming St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Raleigh, NC. The Hornline also started to gel as chorale after chorale started to show the maturity of these veteran players. The day ended with a bang as the full corps ensembled our Irish Parade Tune “Gary Owen” (thanks Pioneer!).

The Open House ended with a quick meeting, and a sendoff that was full of joy, knowing that in two weeks we would see each other again and continue our journey! The word is out. FEAR THE WEDGE!

Carolina Gold has an open door policy for any brass, percussion, and colorguard performers that want to get back into drum corps, try it for the first time, or just see what we are all about. If you interested in becoming a member, please visit our website and contact us. Our next rehearsal is Sunday, March 11th at Edwards Middle School in Rocky Mount, NC. THIS IS A CHANGE. We will begin at 1:30pm and finish around 6:30pm. See you there….and bring a friend!

For more information, please contact Bob Glover, Corps Director at director07 [at] carolinagold [dot] org.

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