Carolina Gold 7th Annual Open House

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Perennial DCA World Championship Finalist Carolina Gold Drum & Bugle Corps will hold its Seventh Annual Open House on Saturday February 24th at Edwards Middle School in Rocky Mount, NC. The Corps will be assembling the Parade and Exhibition corps for the 2007 season, and welcomes all alumni, recent veterans, and new members to come join the excitement.

While the Corps takes 2007 off from field competition, we are forging ahead to assemble the largest corps in Gold history to perform in exhibitions and parades. Along with the Exhibition corps, Gold’s Mini-Corps GOLDRUSH is preparing for run at the Mini-Corps title on Labor Day weekend at the 2007 DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY.

When and Where?

The Carolina Gold Drum & Bugle Corps Open House will be on Saturday, February 24th at Edwards Middle School in Rocky Mount, NC.

What Time?

Registration and Breakfast will begin at 9:00am until 10:00am. After a full day of rehearsal and fun, we will wrap up with a Show & Tell ending approximately at 5:30pm. There will be a casual social gathering afterwards to celebrate the new season!

How do I register?

Go online and visit to register for the open house right away! Also, make sure to click on the brand new GOLDBOARDS link, and register as a member. Here you will find information from the Corps, as well as a discussion forum for members and friends of the program. There will be music to download and other information in the coming days, but we need your RSVP as soon as possible!

What Should I Bring?

Brass: All brass players should bring a mouthpiece, water bottle, as well as small black towel. (Dish or Kitchen Towel sized). Contact us if you do not have a mouthpiece. Also, Brass players need a pair of black cotton standard marching gloves. There will be gloves available for purchase.

Percussion: Pair of Sticks or Mallets, a Drum from your school with a harness and stand (if you have one). We have a set of drums, but due to the turnout expectation, we want everyone to have something to play without running out of equipment. If you do not have access to a drum, do not worry….just let us know!

Colorguard: SEE BELOW

I am interested in Colorguard. Do I need to come to the open house?

Of course you can come to the open house so you can meet your fellow corps members. Due to the time of year regarding Indoor Colorguard scheduling, we are not expecting potential Guard members to attend camps at this time. You are welcome to march the St. Patrick’s Day parade with us, as there will be simple parade work taught that morning, but in the interest in scheduling we will have the Colorguard join the rest of the corps at rehearsals after March.

How much does the Open House cost?

There is a $15.00 Open House fee for all attendees. This covers the initial cost of the facility, breakfast, and will be applied to your 2007 dues!

What about the GOLDRUSH mini-corps? Are we having rehearsal for that too at the Open House?

The DCA Finals bound GOLDRUSH mini-corps will have auditions at the March 10th Parade/Exhibition Corps rehearsal. We will post audition materials in plenty of time for all to prepare. All members of the Parade/Exhibition Corps are eligible to audition for the GOLDRUSH Mini-Corps. DCA limits Mini-Corps to 21 people; therefore we must go through the audition process. All Gold members are invited to travel with the Mini-Corps to DCA Finals and participate in the Individual & Ensemble competition.

Tell your friends, bring your friends, and let’s have some fun!
We look forward to seeing you on
Saturday February 24th at 9:00am

For questions and comments, please contact
Bob Glover, Corps Director at director07 [at] carolinagold [dot] org

For more information and to RSVP, please visit

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