A Drum Corps Travels On Its Stomach

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From modest beginnings more than three decades ago, Drum Corps International has developed into a powerful global youth activity with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence. For more than 35 years, thousands of participants have provided entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events. Marching Music’s Major League is certainly “a movable feast” for the eyes and ears, and each of the corps participating in the Summer Music Games Tour boasts an impressive mobile food service operation to keep its world-class performers in top form as they travel more than 10,000 miles across North America. Here’s how it all adds up:

Serving It Up On Tour:
A World- Class Shopping List!

• In a typical season, top Drum Corps International units will feed their combined 5,000 performers & staff a whopping 1.2 million meals on the Summer Music Games Tour!
• 170 people on the road with each corps eat an average of 4 meals a day… adding up to 680 meals prepared, every day, for every corps… 7 days a week for 10 weeks.
• Food crews for each of the corps prepare an average of 47,600 meals in one season, usually from a dedicated food service vehicle containing refrigeration, ovens, cooking gear & storage.
• Here’s a look at just a small portion of the EXTRA-SUPER SIZED shopping list for one season on the road with the corps:

Milk: 17,500 gallons
Bread: 42,500 loaves
Eggs: 115,000
Pasta: 35,000 lbs.
Peanut Butter: 20,000 lbs.
Jelly: 25,000 lbs.
Cereal: 150,000 bowls
Drinks: 250,000 gallons
Lettuce & Salad Mix: 37,500 lbs.
Potato Chips: 10,000 lbs.
Fruit, Fresh & Canned: 150,000 lbs.
Cake Mix: 7500 boxes
Potatoes, Fresh & Instant: 37,000 lbs.
Ground Beef: 22,000 lbs.
Hamburger Patties: 67,500
Chicken Patties: 100,000
Ice: 80,000 lbs.

Where does it all go?
In a typical rehearsal day on the practice field, a corps member may burn 2000 to 3000 calories!

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