Bugler’s Hall of Fame Championship Results

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The inaugural North American Championship, sponsored by the Bugler’s Hall of Fame was a great success – with constant accolades by the participants and audience on the professionalism of the production of the show and all of the performances. Held at the John J. Cox Student Center at the University of Bridgeport (CT) on Saturday evening, the event made for a most enjoyable evening and made its statement as an Individual show not to be missed in the future. Plans are already being made for the 2008 show.

The final results are as-follows:

Bugler’s Hall of Fame
North American Championship
March 17, 2007

Category / Name Affiliation Entry Score
Soprano / Tenor / Trumpet Individuals
Willy Carmona Fusion Core Trumpet 86
Nelson Lesmerises Muchachoes Sr Soprano 85
Jimmy Maldonado St Rita’s, Sky Soprano 84
Kenton Clarke St Raphale’s, Sky Soprano 83
John Kamerdin Sunrisers Soprano 71
Tony Martin Ct Alumni Soprano 71
John (Cupcakes ) Curran Hurricanes Soprano 69
Anthony West St Rita’s, Sky Soprano 68
Dan Hines Capital Brass Soprano 60
Glen Kubacki Freelancers Soprano 59
Midrange Individuals
Paul Macdonald Capital Brass Midrange 86
Mike Barnes Park City Pride Midrange 77
Jason Chin Sunrisers Midrange 76
David Lafond Amoskeag Sound Midrange 75
Anthony Convertito Hurricanes Midrange 74
Baritone Individuals
Ruben Ariola St Rita’s, Skyliners Baritone 93
Vidal Orduz Hurricanes Baritone 85
Pepe Algarin Park City Pride Baritone 81
John (Cupcakes) Curran St Kevin’s Baritone 73
Joe Convertito Hurricanes Baritone 70
Contra Bass Individuals
David Sokol Capital Brass Contra 88
John Philbrook Mass Brass Contra 78
Brass Ensembles
Capital Brass ( 5 TET ) Capital Brass Brass Ensemble 89
Capital Brass ( 10 TET ) Capital Brass Brass Ensemble 88
The Three Tenors Brass Ensemble 85
Magnificient 8 Park City Pride Brass Ensemble 72
Touch of Brass Park City Pride Brass Ensemble 70
Rice & Beans Fusion Core Brass Ensemble 68
Holly Martin & Eldon Trego Fusion Core Brass Ensemble 60
Mini Corps
Mass Brass Mini Corps 91
Capital Brass Mini Corps 90
Amoskeag Sound Mini Corps 80

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