BYBA In Great Shape For 2007

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Chair of the Performance Portfolio, Paul Cartwright, hosted the BYBA’s Pre-Season Conference in Leicester, England for Contest Directors, BYBA Referees, and invited support staff and said, “With a number of new and returning bands and corps for the 2007 season and most Contest Entries confirmed, this really demonstrates that BYBA is in great shape, as the UK’s premier marching Association.”

By comparison with 2006, 44 units competed of which 38 were in full BYBA Platinum Members. For 2007, we already have 41 units who have declared that they will compete in BYBA shows, of which 38 are full members. It is anticipated that at least a further 5 units will join the BYBA circuit.

The meeting opened with an overview of the strategic positioning of tasks within the national ruling “Council’s” five portfolios of Performance, Communications, Education, Finance & Administration and Judging.

Contest Directors were briefed and BYBA Referees were allocated to each event, as a starting point for action planning, and increased liaison and support between the Association and member contests. Clarification was given on rules proposals ‘carried’ at the 2006 AGM, which included acceptance of the internationally-based DCE Arena. A new Referee Report form was launched, as was a new Risk Assessment process, as a further enhancement to BYBA’s Event Safety Plan, launched in 2006. The Association is also centralising all Tabulators admin and support processes, as a “service” to Contests for 2007.

Those present were also given an insight into the Communications Portfolio’s work for the coming year where it might interface with contests, which has already got off to great start in recent months, in raising the profile of BYBA, internationally.

For 2007, BYBA will host five contests in June and July, three in September, with National Championships at Coventry Rugby Club’s prestigious Butts Park Arena in early October.

The meeting closed with an update on the developing strategic partnership between BYBA and DCE, and confirmation of entries for BYBA each contest.

After the meeting, Carl Harris, Contest Director for Midland Impact and Phantom Knights Corps Director said, “I found the day very worth while with fresh ideas and good direction. The day proved to me that BYBA as a voluntary organisation is striving forward to make the competitive circuit better each year. And with that, I must praise fellow Contest Directors in the way shows have improved in the last few years, not only in the way they are run, but also the ideal venues that are now used”.

Dave Milton, Contest Director for Brass Explosion and Corps Director for Stafford Lancers, said, “ I thought the meeting was really positive, and I got quite a bit out of it. It is I’m sure going to be a fantastic year ahead, and we are very much looking forward to being part of it.”

Ann Legon, BYBA/DCE Tabulator said, “John and I found it very informative, and it was nice to meet the “BYBA Team”, some of whom we already knew and others it was nice to put names to faces. We are both looking forward to working as BYBA Tabulators in the summer.”

The latest Entry position by Division and by Contest can be found at the following location.

For more information about the Performance Portfolio, please contact performance [at] byba [dot] org [dot] uk or communications [at] byba [dot] org [dot] uk

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