BYBA To Trial DCE Manual In 2007

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The European drum corps organizations are currently working towards using the same judging manual from 2007/08. In addition, a working party will be set up to investigate the possibilities to create uniformity in the rules and regulations of all competitions, and to create a European Committee of Judges.

It is hoped the current DCE Manual will eventually be adopted as the standard Manual. The objective is uniformity in assessment and training of marching units and Judges across Europe. The Judging Manual will start to be adopted when appropriately accepted by their members by BYBA (Division I and Associates Division), DCUK (all classes), DCN (all classes), DCG (all classes) and DCF. Judges will be invited to clinics to learn and discuss the ins and outs of the European Manual. The system will work with eight Judges (plus Timing and Penalties) including Effect, Ensemble, and Field Captions.

A working party will be set up to unify the rules and regulations for competitions, and to create a European Judges Committee from 2008. The group will present the ideas for these objectives before the summer of 2007.

Commenting on the progress Tony Patrick, BYBA Chairman says “One of the things that has impressed me about the DCE system is the fact that it does cater for all types of performance and not, as the name would suggest, merely Drum Corps. I have enjoyed watching a number competitors within the DCE environment that closely match the mix that we are so proud of here in the British Youth Band Association. This is important to me, to my Council and to our members as we pride ourselves on providing for all forms of instrumentation and styles. This will not change going forwards, and is one reason why any trial of the System will be limited to our Division I and Associate Classes at this time, but I am delighted that we have again found some common ground in which to work together on”.

The first trial of the DCE System will take place at the Academy Brass Show on 14th July 2007, with a further second half of consideration under review at this time.

Paul Cartwright, Chairman of BYBA Performance says “Having reviewed the System and seen just how similar it is to the one that we are used to here in the British Youth Band Association, I am more than confident that the trials (the initial one being at Academy Brass on 14th July 2007, with a further second Half season Trial being considered) will prove it to be and extremely effective adoption for all Bands and Drum Corps as it does cater for all styles very effectively and as we take the information forward from the Trials we can and will be discussing any potential suggested amendments to it for the benefit of our members with the DCE team”.

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