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My role in reporting all-age news is to be DCA’s urbane paladin, adorned in pince-nez, showering readers with all-age news clustered in rose petals. While in other columns, I might hop onto a journalistic jet ski (Little did I know when I first wrote this, I’d have a jet ski between my legs in Pensacola Beach a week later), zooming off with my trusty Royal typewriter into the midst of the story, the eye of the Ernesto, with my own panache, here at "All-Age, All Good," I’m a pontonier, paddling the DCA doctrine. With Fred Windish’s blessing, I’m end-zoning "Cozy’s DCA Planet," and taking on Windish’s more appropriate company front: "All-Age, All Good!"

‘Twould be gonzo if Ritchee Price finally wins a ring, going in style with Empire’s Maynard tribute. Price won "Best of Show" at the Buglers Hall of Fame Individual & Ensemble, St. Pat’s Day, and Ritchee didn’t even enter…Well, Price did perform. It would be cool if the Buccs won with a three-peat, Chicago Bulls style, Brigs’ four-peat style. Many fan$ would love to see Hawthorne win with "Carmen." How about if Bush won with Gershwin? Who would love to cheer for Minnesota Brass snatching the title?

The Kilties need to expand the guard even more. J.C. Caspers reports good cg and other news below. Given that, they are a threat to move up into Finals. Look for the Rochester Crusaders to do well under Program Coordinator Gene O’Brien’s guidance. Carol O’Brien, Gene’s wife, will continue as drum major, with Steve Stoddard as Cru’s assistant DM.

"Don’t squat with your spurs on." ~ "A Cowboy’s Guide to Life

Texans think big, and Frontier could be primed to move up along with Gulf Coast Sound. Pause when scanning the DCA schedule…Who would have "thunk" it? Two DCA shows in the Lone Star state? There’s never been a DCA show along the Brazos, never in Bedrock, but now the first one will be in Bedford, TX, next door to "Useless," uh, Euless, a few football flings from Cowboy Stadium. I used to bed a gorgeous Texas gal in Bedford; never thought of drum corps there, only L. D. Bell HS and their phenomenal band. Not to be outdone, Gulf Coast Sound is hosting a July 28 contest.

Gulf Coast Sound bus, Rockmart, GA, Aug. 2006. DM Nikki Nauck holds trophy. (Photo by bus driver)
Frontier wears tie-dye chaps back in ‘1968’?
Scott Wolfe of Frontier reports, “’1968′ show is all in – Opener is on the field, lots of drill being taught next weekend. We have a beautiful ballad that should not be missed, some screaming soprano solos worth catching, and just a fun show. Lots of recognizable music, some with twists (“Spinning Wheel” is based on Maynard’s version, not the original), but fans won’t confuse us with a DCI corps! And we are still in G!”
Wolfe concluded, “We are doing well. 36 horns looks like the number we will set.”

Dixie chicks and buglin’ Bubbas

Masquerade is hosting a DCA hoedown in Ruston, LA, in their first year, June 23! Chip Torgeson, a fine soprano player who soloed for the 2000 CorpsVets, is involved with Masquerade. Let’s salute Torgeson et al.!

Vinnie Ciesielski, Music City Legend brass guru, boasted after stepping off the field at PAETEC Park in Rochester, that MCL’s ’07 goal was to march 50 horns. I don’t believe MCL made it, but they are strong and doing well, my spies tell me. Like a tornado, look out for Nashville. MCL is relieving the CorpsVets from hosting the DCA South Regional, hosting the Dixie championships August 4. I expect that in the Nashville area, the DCAS Regional will pack in even more people…Any truth to the braggadocio rumor that Director Scott Rhodes can read 50 DCWorlds at the same time?

The Atlanta CorpsVets have the horses to pull off "La Fiesta," "Bacchanalia" and "Remembrance." Hunter Moss will be featured in "Georgia," fitting as CV celebrates their 10th anniversary! CV will have their own show in Rockmart, GA, August 18. Jerald Sheets, sop, Jonathan Thomas, bari, R.J. Scott, mello, are part of CV’s brass muscle. Chris Key continues to help lead the vibrant color guard. Vic Kulinski, Jr., has teamed again with Leif Marwede, cap head, to drive the percussion. Bill Wear and John Hoekstra have stepped off the field into the brass and viz staff.

Alliance is doing well in Atlanta. Look for Alliance to improve. Director Jeff Pastor has done a fine job adding yet another corps in Dixie! Per www.alliancedrumcorps.org, Pastor seeks:

Front Ensemble Percussion, particularly mallet players

Heat Wave is singeing the DCA trail once again! What’s the latest news, Big Lou? Class A will be a hot commodity with new corps, recent entries and old faves gunning for one another.

Let’s hope Shenandoah Sound competes. Director Jeff Danchick of Mon Valley Express is working to bring MVE back into the DCA lineup.

DCA Central networks DCA to corps outside Northeast

It was only a few years ago that I used to lament, "If only the Govenaires and Chops could make it to DCA." DCMidwest fan$ had reveled in their entertainment for years. When Govies and Chops did enter the DCA fray, they both have had a major impact.

Minnesota Brass, Inc., won the DCM Senior Championships every year but one, 1998, when the Kilties ruled. I was fortunate to march with the Mad Plaid in ’99 and ’03. Gerry Kelsey, ’06 Drum Corps Hall of Fame inductee along with Ken Norman and others, "has outdone himself" per J.C. Caspers on Kelsey’s brass charts. Today, MBI is a DCA powerhouse and the Kilties continue as a fan fave corps.

Congratulations to the Minnesota Brass Winter Color Guard, winners of the Northstar Circuit 2007 Championships Independent Open division!

Minne Brass Minicorps of MBI, 2006 Madison DCI Championships. Sue Cosley, 2nd from right; Cynthia Hoines Tischhauser, 3rd from right. (Photo by Cozy Baker)

Derby City Knights will host a DCA Louisville show. With DCK’s Star United connection, I expect Derby is the real deal. Dave Leland, bari gadabout, has been traveling to play with the Renegades some and with Star United. What a life, Leland!

I’m telling you, corps nuts — Scan the schedule. The added cities, new sites, is amazing. Catch DCA in Salem, OH, and see Empire, Lakeshoremen, North Coast Rock, CorpsVets et al.

J.C. reviews the Mad Plaid

J.C. Caspers, mello soloist supreme, shared recent news on the Racine Kilties: "The Kilties winter camps have been solid. As we have in each of the past few seasons, we are stepping up the demand of both the musical and visual programs another
notch, but I promise that the show will be true to our unique Kiltie identity. Jerry Kelsey has really outdone himself this year.

"We’re looking at a brass line in the mid 30s augmented by a larger percussion section and larger guard. Our American section will again be a significant part of the total package. All the show music and two classic Kiltie parade tunes (Kenny’s (Norman) classic "Scotland" and "Syne" arrangements) are in our hands and we played down the entire show (except a short section of the closer) at the March 31 / April 1 camp. We’ll begin the process of putting it on the field at our April 14-15 camp."

Caspers concluded, "We’re working hard, having fun and we have a great collective attitude going into the drill-learning phase of the season. The brass line is playing on newer matched contras, new Kanstul Power Bore sopranos and new Kanstul mellophones in the traditional key of G. We’re still building up the needed cash in our baritone fund before we pull the trigger on the new baris. Any donations to the Kiltie baritone fund will be answered by the eternal gratefulness of the entire organization. At this point, our greatest need is a couple of baritone players, but during the month of April, we’ll still accept applications in all sections. Experienced guard performers are also particularly welcome."

DCA is thriving on the Left Coast!

SoCal Dream, taking advantage of their predictable pleasant weather, report they are learning drill. Seth Gambetty has assembled an eager, knowledgeable team with Mac McEntire consulting visually. If only they could control Sam Signorelli and Ryan Turner. Maybe Mike "Darkman" Nash, Thom Willet, Mike Plachta, Bear and entourage can.

The Renegades, the "7" corps, in ’07, are pumped even more dastardly. Look for the ‘Gades to do well. Director Greg Gilman told me by phone they are doing well. His fellow Renegades will sponsor the DCInternational Pacific Division II/III show in Sacramento, Aug. 2. Baris, maybe one solid contra, should contact the black jackets.

From towering parts unknown, well, near the rice fields of Sacramento, River City Regiment is still gathering the power to make the trek to Rochester. Trivia: RCR was originally known as Capital Regiment for a very, very short time until discovered by Columbus. Tracy Freeman et al. of RCR will be busy hosting a DCI Pacific DII/III show, June 29, in Elk Grove, CA.

Buy your tickets to help these smaller DCI corps and their DCA sponsors! www.dci.org

Petrucelli markets DCA

Donna Petrucelli is settling in as the DCA PR director. Petrucelli said, "I think by creating different regions, DCA has offered so many more opportunities for people to march that may have moved from the Northeast and kept the passion in them, as well as bringing new people in…I see a more organized and enhanced event…I think the logistics will work out to the benefit of the fans."

Petrucelli revealed, "The printer who did the book (program yearbook) has been contracted to do the 2007 book, and it will be as good as last year’s; hopefully, we can add to it."

Petrucelli’s complete interview is in DCWorld, the 35th anniversary April issue, www.drumcorpsworld.com . Refer to www.dcacorps.org for ticket info.

Jeff Ream invites one and all ages to the popular Harrisburg, PA, April 14, run by the Westshoremen. Westshore brought back their heyday in 1996, winning it all. They continue today as an active alumni.

Mini-Corps Associates will host the first-ever MCA contest earlier in the day, April 14, in Harrisburg. The winner will perform at the concert that night.

A running cell phone joke, I called Mac McEntire, Renegades visual leader, and his wife, JoEllen, to rub it in that I was calling from the white sand beaches of P’cola Beach ("Just rode the jet ski, now pondering the parasail"). McEntire got even with, "Welllll, JoEllen and I just cleared security at the airport. We’re on our way to the (NCAA) Final Four in Atlanta! We won tickets!" "Oneupmanship!"

Mac McEntire, Renegades viz, Madison Scouts ’88 viz, on right, with two Madison Scouts Alumni, Stadium Club after 2006 Madison DCI Semifinals (Photo by Cozy Baker)

At least the McEntires, fellow Buckeyes, were rooting for Ohio State. *%^$#! That reminds me — I owe a catfish dinner to my Gainesville pal…Again!

"Never miss a good chance to shut up." ~ Yep, "A Cowboy’s Guide to Life"

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