Sunrisers Final “Indoor Only” Rehearsal April 15th

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At our April 1st rehearsal visual designer Brian Murphy was onsite and the "creative" and "technical" parts of our staff came together with Brian to lock down ideas and concepts for the 2007 visual program. Since then, Brian has been working diligently in crafting the visual presentation of “Cirque du Soleil Se Levant”, which we’ll begin to attack at our next camp weekend. Can’t tell you how excited we all are to get this thing outside and put things in motion!

But this coming Sunday – April 15th will be our last indoor music rehearsal before we move outside to start learning drill. We still have several brass spots open and this Sunday would be the perfect time to GRAB one of these, get up to speed on the musical program and prepare for our upcoming April 28/29 camp weekend where we’ll start on the visual portion of our show.

Drop down this Sunday 12PM-6PM to our music rehearsal at the Nyack Center and bring a Brass, Percussion or Drum Major-type friend with you! We still have openings and we only need only a few ingredients to field a powerful corps!

Mark the date: Sunday April 15th 12PM-6PM !
at the Nyack Center in Nyack NY.

Click HERE for directions to the Nyack Center.

Note: Our guard is NOT rehearsing with us this weekend due to indoor guard competition schedules but if you have any guard inquiries contact Darren Delaney at delaneydarren [at] aol [dot] com

For general corps inquiries contact us at recruitment [at] sunrisers [dot] com

We’ll be waiting for you!

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