37th Kingswood Not Competing In DCUK For 2007

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The 37th have considered the priorities and aims of the members, parents and staff and the direction to meet the organisations growth and continued success. We have looked into the ethos of the Scouting movement, which the 37th have been supported by for a number of years. We also recognise that the cadet unit is the frame work to encourage cubs and scouts to participate in the marching activity to sustain our long term future.

Since 2005 both the 37th senior and cadet corps have developed a strong relationship to guarantee the continued success of the senior corps for the foreseeable future, which allows the cadets to move through a well structured educational programme. This has been evident over the last few years in which we have seen a great development of co-operation between both corps. This includes competing at shows and supporting each other during the events.

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