At The Borderline 2: The Field Band Of Witbank

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From March 16th through March 26th 2007, a delegation of Vlamo (Belgium) travelled to South Africa. A series written by Geert Vanmaeckelberghe. Translation: Hans Kloppert. In this episode: the fieldband of Witbank.

Monday March 19 at about 1.30 PM we left for Witbank. The sky darkened this afternoon, a thunderstorm could disturb the rehearsal. The landscape changes from mountains to large open plains with beautiful panoramas. Alongside the road are ‘mielliesvelden’ (corn fields), dry and withered. We drive by villages with beautiful names: Elandshoek, Eerstelings Fontein, Stoffberg, Middelburg, Lammerskop and Wonderhoek. The roads are well-paved.

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