At The Borderline 3: Win-Win

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From March 16th through March 26th a delegation of Vlamo (Belgium) toured through South-Africa. In this series – of which we are presenting part 3 today – we learn more about the tasks of the National Coordinator and get to know what motivates some of the sponsors to support the Field Band Foundation. Written by Geert Vanmaeckelberghe, translation by Hans Kloppert.

Tuesday March 20th we had a meeting at the Field Band Foundation head office in Johannesburg. Romana has worked there as the National Coordinator since September 2006. She is a pretty woman who only after I insisted told me her real (Hindu) name: Ragunagie. She has built up quite some experience in business management and would like to use this with the FBF. Ragunagie is the key-figure for the Regional Coordinators.

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