Rochester Crusaders: Memorial Day Weekend And Beyond

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What an amazing camp weekend we had this past weekend. Paul Rennick was in to push the drumline to their limits and to help clean the amazing book he has written. We had 2 performances on Saturday which resulted in the corps obtaining 2 new baritone players. We rehearsed all day Sunday and finished the drill. We then headed off the Darien Lake for a performance for the military, where we were received very well. The crowd was a good size and seemed to really enjoy our 2007 show. After the performance it was off to have a good time in the park. I think a few of our staff are still recovering after the roller coaster tour we all did that day. Monday morning came real early, however everyone sucked it up and we headed to Pittsford, NY for their Memorial Day Parade. A great crowd there as usual. Following the parade we headed out to the corps picnic for some rest a relaxation on Sodus Bay. A good time was had by all that afternoon.

We now look forward to another long weekend of drum corps. We will be starting Friday evening with a parade in Clifton Springs, NY. Saturday and Sunday we will be at the Gorham Pageant of Bands. Once again we will be the featured performer in the parade as well as in a standstill at the awards ceremony that afternoon.

Anyone interested in filling the last few spots we have in the corps should contact our recruiting director Brian Wilt at brianwilt [at] rochestercrusaders [dot] org or come out to Gorham and check out the corps for yourself. Once you are here you will find that it is hard not to want to march. There is such a close feeling that everyone that has come has stayed. See for yourself this weekend!

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