Skyliners Announce June 2nd Color Guard Rehearsal

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The New York Skyliners’ first Color Guard Rehearsal will take place on June 2, 2007. Color Guard Design and Instruction is by Daniel Bostic, assisted by Dave Metzger. These talented and highly experienced color guard professionals are ready to take the N.Y. Skyliners to the next performance level this season.

Daniel Bostic has performed in winter guards including Blackwatch, Schaumburg Guardsmen, and Studio One. He also has many instructional credits including working with Light Brigade and Fusion winter guards, and has worked in DCA instructing the Bushwackers and the New York Skyliners. Dave Metzger’s teaching experience includes: Bushwackers, Raiders, Skyliners, Spectrum Winterguard, Alter Ego Winterguard (NJ), Laurens HS Winterguard, Insight Winterguard, Fusion Winterguard, Parsippany HS, Morris Knolls HS, and Piscataway H.S.

For more information/directions, go to our website, or contact Harry Eldridge, Sr. at skydirector07 [at] verizon [dot] net.

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