Velvet Knights Approved For DCI Competition

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So…….here we are, 3 and a half years later……..many, MANY hours of hard work…of research, of fundraising, of many sleepless nights, anxiety, excitement, reports, meetings……

We have culminated all of this effort by the board of directors, staff and members in our final approval by DCI, yesterday, Sunday May 6th, 2007.

VK Youth Arts Organization came to be in October of 2005, receiving our 501(c)(3) status in December of the same year. 2006 was a fundraiser year, with many hard and long hours put in by the board and friends. Successful? Yes…….but still many more things to do, many more hours of work…

In May of 2006, Full Force Percussion, the winter drumline program was formed, and they just completed their very successful 07 season, winning several 1st place awards, as well as high tenors and high snares at ADLA championships this past April.

In July of 2006, our program director, Joe Miller, announces that November rehearsals can take place, and we move forward to another chapter of our history. In September they are cleared to use the Velvet Knights Drum & Bugle Corps name, and the wheels start turning……..the plane is taxing down the runway, in preparation for take off.

Mr. Dan Zeilinger was brought on board as the Corps Director in October of 06, and boy was that a smart decision. He brings so much to the organization, and his musical talents are many…….Joe “Spam” Miller and Dan Zeilinger…..a winning combination. Troy Emmons, president of the board, begins production on a set of new Kanstul horns that are destined for the new VK……and yes, they were hand made by Troy himself.

Staff is in place….quite a talented group of individuals, with amazing backgrounds. The first of 2 Open Houses takes place in November 2006, and what an event that was. Alumni show up to give the support……parents and potential members are excited.

December, the second Open House comes along, and it was just as successful as the first one. Our first rehearsal, the first time staff comes before the members……..many firsts occur in this month……..

Fast forward to today, and after several rehearsals and camps……..DCI HAS APPROVED THEM TO COMPETE!!! Many speculations, rumors, have now been put aside……’s done…….the Velvet Knights Drum & Bugle Corps will be taking the field in competition in the summer of 2007. They’re back, and they are here to STAY.

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