2007 DCA I&E Registration Opens

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DCA I&E Championship Registration is under way. All forms and information for entering the DCA individuals are posted on the DCA Website. The DCA is excited about this coming year’s contest.

Last year thanks to DCA PR director Fred Windish and DCP, competitors and fans had a chance to suggest changes. Many of these changes have been implemented. The Choruses and Mallet individuals will have a smaller ballroom and inside stage to compete on. The Mini Venue will be reduced to allow for more sound but also allow for the street party atmosphere. Mini Corps who performed last year have a process that will allow them to keep the competitive spot, that they finished in, all others will be placed in the contest by post mark. We are working on lighting and possibly a stage for the Main street venue, this is guaranteed for 2008 but we continue to work to improve the popular outside venue for this year.

The set up between the two buildings will be easier for fans to find the venue they want to see. Basically Brass will be held in the 2nd floor Ballrooms of the Clarion and all Percussion will be held in the Convention center. To allow for the ever growing number of competitors the Guard portion of the show will be split into two venues and the extra Individual Mallets venue will help. Language has been inserted on Music score sheets that help clear up the question of Visual Effect verses Musicality.

The show will conclude will the ever popular DCA Mini Corps Championships. This year looks like the biggest event ever. We are hoping to get started early to allow for the extra competitors.

All form can be found at the DCA Championship site on the DCA web site. Hurry and get your info into Barb Haring (ie [at] dcacorps [dot] org). Entries will not be accepted unless all info required is recieved. If there are any questions about rules contact Dick Pronti (DCAie [at] aol [dot] com)

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