At The Borderline 4: The Sound Of Soweto

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In part 4 of the ‘At the Borderline’ series we will get to know more about the South African Field Band from Soweto and we will feature the longtime exchange programme that the Field Band Foundation has with the Norwegian Musikkorps Verbond (NMF) and Pioneer drum & bugle corps from Milwaukee (USA). Part 4 also includes a touching story of a musician who dreams of publishing the story of his life in a book. Written by Geert Vanmaeckelberghe, translation by Hans Kloppert.

Tuesday March 20th, 2007. Today we’re visiting one of the first field bands which was formed in Dobsonville in north Soweto, ten years ago. Soweto is a contraction of ‘South Western Township’ and became world famous in 1976 when a group of black students demonstrated against Apartheid and police used live ammunition killing hundreds of them.

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