At The Borderline 6: Teach The Teacher

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"For more than seven years, the Norges Musikkorps Forbund (NMF) and the Fredskorpset (FK) have supported the Field Band Foundation. The exchange programme that was realised is of great importance to the further development of various field bands in South Africa." Written by Geert Vanmackelberghe. Translation: Hans Kloppert.

"Several children are offered an opportunity to travel to Norway and study there. Also, the Norwegian educators who were sent to South Africa to teach there for the duration of one year, as part of the exhange programme, have also had an enriching experience. The programme has thus worked both ways. Today in part 6 of ‘At the Borderline’ the leading role is played by the two blonde Norwegian girls who have given their very best for the field bands for the last year. Not just a little chitchat, but an inspiring serious interview.

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