Atlanta CorpsVets – Alpharetta Recap

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The first performance of the CorpsVets CELEBRATION! show was hot – in more ways than one. The temperature for rehearsal reached 98 degrees, with a heat index of 104 in Alpharetta, Georgia. The CorpsVets members were not about to let a little heat get in the way of their first performance of the year. After a great rehearsal, the corps relaxed and prepared for the evening competition. They made their way at the appropriate time to the warm up areas. The full percussion section warmed up on the lawn outside the stadium and drew a rather large crowd. Across from them was the largest guard in CV history warming up and running thru their body, flag, and rifle work.

At 6:45, the percussion and guard made their way to the back gate where the brass line was warming up. As you got closer to the area, you sensed this was going to be a different pre-performance gathering. Along the walkway to the area were member’s spouses, friends and Alumni, including Bob and Annie Sullivan, CorpsVets sponsors and followers since the very beginning.

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