Broadcasts, Concerts, And Parades, Oh My!

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The GLASSMEN wrapped up a fully-loaded week of pre-season performances in the midst of their rigorous daily training for the upcoming summer tour. Before the corps even steps on the field for their first competition in Annapolis, Maryland, on Saturday, June 16th – the corps will have performed 6 times in front of thousands of exuberant fans.

The first annual Celebrity Wait dinner on May 24th gave supporters of the corps not only a fun way to donate to the cause, but also a sneak peak at the 2007 corps. A few dozen members of the brass and percussion sections gathered in uniform at the gala, and gave the attendees a front and center show that knocked their socks off!

It wasn’t long until the entire corps then boarded the buses on May 25th to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to be a part of the legendary Indy 500 Festival Parade (one of the top 3 parades in the country) as the lead marching unit. The corps was able to put on a full concert performance for the grandstands, before turning and leading participants down 2 miles and past 300,000 people on the parade route. Thousands more viewers tuned in to watch the parade broadcast on ESPN2 later the same day.

Watch video of the GLASSMEN leading off the Indy 500 Parade here. (Video courtesy of ESPN2)

Just as the corps returned from Indy, they suited up for the annual Showcase Concert on May 27th, in conjunction with the Brass Band of Columbus. The BBC put on an intriguing brass clinic in the afternoon for the corps as well as local students, while guests enjoyed the pre-show VIP reception in the lobby, complete with food, auction items, and live jazz music – with none other than Frank Williams at the trombone!

Fans were wowed by the corps stage performance, which included fanfares, percussion features, combined performances with the BBC and the local Maumee High School band, as well as a full preview of the music from the 2007 production, Gitano. Lots of smiling faces leaving the theatre – saying the couldn’t wait to see the final product on the field at the All-Star Review in Toledo on June 23rd!

GLASSMEN perform with members of the Brass Band of Columbus.

The corps went back to work rehearsing for the rest of the week, then pulled out two more local parade performances on June 2nd in the up-and-coming loud-and-boisterous King Wamba Parade, as well as the long-standing tradition of marching in the Point Place Parade. Then it was back to work again on the rehearsal field, preparing for the upcoming Family Day Preview on Sunday, June 10th. This will be the first time the corps will perform their entire field production in uniform for friends, family and fans, and will include a standstill concert, and group picnic following the festivities.

With all this performance experience already under their belts, it’s no wonder the corps is ready to jump on the buses and get on tour! The GLASSMEN will spend a few days on the road prior to their premiere appearance at the Annapolis show on June 16th, then head back through the Midwest for their annual home show, the All-Star Review in Toledo on June 23rd. (You can see the rest of the tour here ). We’ll see you on the road!

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