Hammond Design Announces 2007 Santa Clara Vanguard Sponsorship

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Hammond Design is pleased to announce a new relationship with the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps.

Hammond Design is pleased to announce that Santa Clara Vanguard’s entire hornline will be using their specially designed custom mouthpieces for the 2007 season. Hammond Design has worked with the Santa Clara Vanguard instructional staff to develop mouthpieces that fit the needs of the Santa Clara Vanguard.

Santa Clara Vanguard Trumpet Technician, Ramon Vasquez, speaks about his success with the mouthpieces, "I suggested to Nick Williams brass caption head of the Santa Clara Vanguard that we should work with Karl Hammond in December of 2006. At this time, I had known of the high quality, hand-made mouthpieces that he has made for myself as well as other notable musicians in the industry today. I had also known that Karl has been actively involved in the Drum and Bugle corps activity in his work with the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps. Through his work in designing and developing a true mellophone mouthpiece (among others), Karl Hammond has made a mouthpiece that suits the needs of the performers on the field that offers superior intonation and projection. With Karl’s attention to detail and his willingness to make the best mouthpiece on the market, he has taken the advice of myself and others in the industry to devise the best mouthpieces that can be used on the marching field as well as the concert hall. Karl has done it again! If you have not played on a Karl Hammond mouthpiece…you need to. You don’t know what you and your students are missing."

Owner Karl Hammond says, “Our relationship with the Santa Clara Vanguard has been an absolute pleasure. Working with their staff to create new mouthpieces that fit their specific needs has been a great experience and we are all excited about the results. We look forward to sponsoring the Santa Clara Vanguard for the 2007 season.”

For more information about Hammond Design mouthpieces, please visit http://www.karlhammonddesign.com or call Karl Hammond at 847-288-0242.

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