The Journey Begins…

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Under the cover of darkness, the "Gitano" packed up their caravan Wednesday evening, and headed down the road on their coast-to-coast cross-country journey. While their secretive lifestyle makes their moves difficult to predict, expect them to appear in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday June 16th, and in Pasadena, California August 9-11. You may even see the gypsy troupe traveling somewhere in between!

You’ll most likely recognize them by their clothing. Many of the Gitano carry all of their worldly possessions on their backs – including weapons, musical instruments, and sacks of gold. They are a spirited lot, and travel with a full company of musicians that weave a tapestry of melodies wherever they go. Soon, they will descend upon your town, share their music and dance, and revel you with the sights and sounds of their culture.

Their sultry movements beguile the eyes of all who watch. As they travel, they will create alliances and form friendships – with a raucous festive extravaganza that never stops! But catch them soon, as they will depart as quickly as they have arrived, moving on to the next village.But their impact will be felt forever as they leave behind memories and awaken emotions that will not soon be forgotten.

Don’t miss the Gitano – coming to a town near you…

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