Two Winners To Enter The Field With The Cadets

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The first two winners of the Cadets “This I Believe” Essay Contest have been notified, their entries a powerful testament to the values they hold dear in their lives.

Christopher E. Bruce, 18, of Westminster, Md., and Macie Poskarbiewicz, 10, of Euclid, Ohio, will enter the field with the Cadets when they present “This I Believe” during their first two DCI competitive events this summer. Bruce will march in the Annapolis, Md., show on June 16 while Poskarbiewicz will make her appearance in Pittsburgh, Pa., on June 17.

They are the first of a possible 35 winners in the Cadets “This I Believe” Essay Contest, with each performance by the corps this summer featuring a literary natural who took a chance, opened up and shared the values that guide them through life.

The contest was announced in early May as a way to involve fans in the corps 2007 program, “This I Believe,” an artistic interpretation of those philosophies that make being a Cadet, and part of a drum corps, unique and special.

Below are the winning entries submitted by Bruce and Poskarbiewicz:

“What do I believe? Absolutely anything, and I mean anything, is possible if you just work at it, more and more, until it is achieved. Ever since I started my marching band experience in high school, I have always wanted to see the finals of DCI World Championships. It has been three years since I’ve wanted to go, and through hard work, determination, and an unwillingness to stop trying, this year, I will finally achieve my goal. Even though at times, my chances of going looked bleak, I continued to push and persevere and worked until I had enough money to book my tickets to Pasadena for this year’s DCI World Championship Finals.

As a musician, I use this belief system everyday. With the experience of becoming a music education major my freshman year of college, I wanted (and also needed) to learn how to play wind instruments (I play percussion, and strings). When I first started, I barely had enough air to make it through a note, or not even make a sound on the instrument. But by continuing to practice, and never letting down, I now am good enough to play in two ensembles at my school as a wind musician.

As I continue to study music, I realize that this belief system of continuing to push without ever letting down is a very successful one. It helps me attain my greatest potential as a musician, and helps me also be successful in other aspects of my life. This belief just doesn’t apply to my musical aspirations, but general everyday life as well. It not only encompasses everyday tasks, but also long term goals that I wish to achieve, and now, thanks to never letting down, have achieved.”

Christopher E. Bruce, 18
Westminster, Md.

“When you get diagnosed with a disease, you think that your life is ruined. But think of the people who have cancer. They are in far worse condition than you are. Count your blessings.

When I was a baby, I was always very sick. I was very pale and constantly getting sick. As a baby, I would stick my hand in my mouth to make myself sick after eating certain foods. When I was seven, I found out that I had Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is when you are allergic to wheat. Also, you are allergic to barley, rye, oats and malt. For example, I can’t have pizza, pasta, donuts or cake. The protein gluten, which is in those foods, causes Celiac Disease.

I thought that my life was ruined, but I was wrong. We found out that there was a conference down in Columbus for Celiacs. We went and started to look around. There was a section for kids, teenagers and adults. I went to the kid’s section and my parents went to the adults section. I had a field trip and a gluten-free lunch. I’ve gone to that for two years.

Two years ago my family and I found a camp. This camp is for Celiacs only. It is in Rhode Island just outside of Providence. The camp is in the middle of the woods. We live in cabins and have campfires. We also swim in a lake. At the end of camp, we have a dance and a carnival. I enjoy camp very much. I have learned so much, including one very important thing – even though I have a bad disease, people with cancer have it worse. I [believe I] just have to count my blessings.”

Macie Poskarbiewicz, 10
Euclid, Ohio

For more information on the Cadets “This I Believe” Essay Contest and for details on how to enter, Click HERE. Entries are being taken all summer long!

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