Celebrate Good TimesÂ…Come on!

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So guess who went on a ROAD TRIP? CorpsVets did. That’s who! Let’s just say that I was so excited to be headed up to Connecticut with my drum corps family. Michelle, Kimberly, and I were like little girls with our daily phone conversations that included “What clothes are you bringing?”, “What kinda of drinks do you want?” or “What is a typical bus ride like with CorpsVets?” Those questions were answered on June 28, 2007 when we met the rest of CV to “Get on the bus!” There were quite a few coolers full of ice cold food and drinks, blankets, pillows, suitcases, and people in their pajamas. When our chariots arrived, the fumes from their exhaust reminded me of…well….drum corps. It was great hanging out and introducing myself to fellow corps members that I had yet to formally meet. Then Marvin Fontaine (our esteemed Tour Director) started our loading process by seniority. After the "normal" delays, we took off for Bridgeport.

So after 20+ hours we arrive at our destination. Marvin gets on the microphone and says, “Hey, Bus 1.” All of us answer, “HEY!!!” That cracks me up every time. We are informed that we need to unload, change into our rehearsal attire (black shorts and white shirts), and be ready to rehearse in 15 minutes.

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