In The News: Historic Drum Corps Roaring Back To Life

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Local parade lovers are in for an exciting ride this year: The thundering drumbeats of full 40-woman corps of the Central Kilties and the Hillcrest Highlanders.

For the last few years the numbers of girls trying out for the drum corps in all the city high schools dropped, so much so that the school district just gave up on Parkview’s Lassies, Kickapoo’s Bonnie Buchanans and Glendale’s Glengarry Scots — even though in 2003, the year the Scotties were disbanded, the corps of just 14 girls won every parade they entered except for the Branson Christmas Parade, where they placed second.

One reason the school district gave up was that girls had so many more sports opportunities today, so the drum corps didn’t seem so attractive. (Well, that’s one truth. Until the mid-’70s, when young women activists and their parents took the district to the mat, they had almost nothing school-sponsored in sports.)

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