Pacific Crest Seeking Second Tour Medical Personnel

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We are seeking medical personnel interested and able to assist us on our second tour from July 26 – August 5, as well as for Championships week. Our greatest need is for people who can help with drum corps related injuries, e.g. sprains, muscle-related injuries, and the like. To that end, a sports medicine doctor, physical therapist, or athletic trainer would be perfect.

If you’re qualified and interested, please contact Executive Director Stuart Pompel at 714-785-9904 or by sending e-mail to pompel [at] pacific-crest [dot] org.

Being with us the whole time is not required. If you’re available for any part of the trip, please contact us. We can fly you in and/or out of tour stops.

Posted by on Sunday, July 22nd, 2007. Filed under DCI World.