Tom Aungst Percussion Book At The Press

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Drummers will soon have the ability to learn the skills, techniques and inside methodology that make the Nine-Time World Champion Cadets battery section among the best in the world.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for DCI Hall of Famer Tom Aungst’s new release, “The Cadets Approach to Marching Percussion, Ensemble Exercises and Musical Excerpts.”

For a fantastic introductory price of just $15, Aungst’s first Cadets’ publication takes a proficient drummer through the dynamic teachings of the Maroon and Gold that have resulted in the percussion section receiving six caption titles and multiple runner-up awards.

Aungst’s relationship with the Cadets has resulted in a percussion section recognized for its distinctive style, discipline, physical and musical prowess and edge within the activity. Aungst was a marching member of the corps for four years, then named a technician after he aged out in 1984. He took the key supervisory role of section in 1989 when he was named the Director of Percussion, a position he still holds today.

Aungst was inducted into the Cadets Hall of Fame in 2004 and the DCI Hall of Fame in 2006.

For a quarter-of-a-century, Aungst has brought his amazing flair for technique and arranging to this renowned organization. And now, drummers of all ages and skill levels can garner an inside look at the Cadets drumline’s rudiments and exercises. The book also dedicates an entire section to musical excerpts from shows past and this season’s extraordinary 2007 program, “This I Believe.”

Nestled within the publication are exercises crafted by Aungst, including “Accent Tap,” “Flam Builder,” “Diddle Trip,” “Alan,” and “Noah’s Diddits.” Taking the play-along guide a step farther, musical excerpts include the “Latin Drum Fill” from Cadets 2003, “Machine” from Cadets 2005 and the “Bass Drum Solo” from Cadets 2006.

It gets even better. Drummers can feel up close and personal with the 2007 corps as the book also includes excerpts from the opener and the drum feature of “This I Believe.” Pointers and technique tips are interspersed throughout the entire manual, allowing drummers to work their skills as if they were being personally instructed by the legendary Aungst.

Any drummer wanting to ramp up their skills using the intensity and teachings of the Cadets should submit their pre-order information immediately. The first copies of “The Cadets Approach to Marching Percussion, Ensemble Exercises and Musical Excerpts” will be available in the coming weeks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to own a copy of this one-of-a-kind manual. The introductory price is just $15 for a short time only. The regular price of $19 will take effect soon.

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