World’s Most Accurate Drummer Contest A Huge Hit

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Hundreds of people gathered around the OnBoard Research booth this weekend at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa., to see who had what it takes to be the "World’s Most Accurate Drummer" as presented by Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzers. Nearly 100 people of all ages rose to the occasion and competed in this contest, looking to prove their skills to a Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer electronic drum pad that measured note accuracy to the 512th note.

After competitors warmed up on the demo pads available at the booth, they were able to test their skills on the official Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer of the contest, where they played an unchanging two-bar rhythm for two minutes. Once they finished playing, a score was calculated and awarded to each competitor based on the average of their note accuracy. A perfect score for the competition was 800, and while most people scored around 450, a few people were able to score in the high 600s.

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