BYBA On The Road 2007 8/3 Update

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Following a successful trip nto Devon, the Corps moved to Cornwall with a journey of 90 miles further west to Truro.

Once again based in a Methodist Church Hall both Corps made the most of Thursday either rehearsing or surfing followed by a very welcome shower at Truro College.

Up bright and early Poynton Commodores agreed to give a demonstration of rehearsal to the spectators at Event Square in Falmouth. With explanation from our resident MC – Mark Nicholson the public were very intrigued and impressed with the commitment from the marching members.

At the same time Warwick Girls were in Boscawen Park Truro working very hard at their show in preparation for todays performance.

After lunch the crowd started to gather in Event Square especially when they saw both Corps in uniform and with a short parade led by Warwick Girls the audience waited in anticipation.

Warwick gave their arena performance which highlighted the hard work they had put into it during rehearsals. This was followed by Poynton Commodores arena performance which likewise showed fantastic commitment bearing in mind they were marching with ten members absent.

A melody of various tunes played by Warwick in a static formation and then the culmination of a joint venture with both Corps performing two numbers.

Approaches from passers by give the activity links with both New Orleans and Romania with two gentlemen exchanging contact details in the hope of an exchange visit to these areas.

Today we had the pleasure of having the Shelterbox Trust roadshow present and with part of our collection going towards this fund it was an education to some of the marching members present to see the equipment which gets sent to countries around the world whenever there is an International crisis.

Tomorrow brings the tour to a close with the final performance being held next to the golden sands of Perranporth Beach.

Both Corps ended their day with a joint evening meal at their base. Some very tired marching members as well as support staff.

If you would like to send a message to the groups or anyone on the tour you can do so my sending an email to communications [at] byba [dot] org [dot] uk where we will be happy to pass the information on.

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