CGN Splits A-Class Into Two Groups

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The CGN A-Class will be split into two competition groups in 2008, calles A-Class and AA-Class. The sheet, criteria and philosopy will remain the same. Both groups are based on the WGI A-Class.

Why would CGN split the class in two groups? The A-Class has grown a lot over the past few years. This is a very positive thing, the more groups, the stronger the competition is and the better the expectations for the future. But growth in quality remains important and motivation is an essential force in this. How motivating is it to end in 23rd place in competition? Not really.

That’s why the A-Class will be split into two groups. The A-Class will be for the really competitive participants that want to grow towards the Open Class. The AA-Class is for beginners and groups that want to gain more experience in competing.

As a guideline for competitors you can take the border between box 3 and 4 as the splitline. If your units has scored a box 3 score (65 or lower) at CGN Championships 2007 or were you close but not higher than 70, you are advised to compete in AA-Class in 2008.

Because of this split, AA competitors can achieve a higher ranking. This should motivate the competitors and AA groups can aim for promotion to A-Class. There is a promotion and degradingscore from AA to A and vice versa.

As a crown on their achievement, the AA group prelim winner will have a chance to perform in the evening program in exhibition. Due to the building and educational model of the AA group, they will not be able to make A-Class finals. They need to first achive A-Class status.

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