Drum Corps in South Africa?

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Now that DCI is living it’s finest week of the year, it might be time for everyone in the Marching Music activity to look at where we come from. Wasn’t Drum & Bugle Corps a community activity in the past where the sole purpose was to keep kids off the streets? We should be proud of that heritage. It’s where we came from.

In South-Africa that is still the only purpose. The Field Band Foundation (FBF) keeps thousands of kids off the streets. Kids living in slums, where one out of three people are Aids victims, where crime is high and where hope would be nowhere to be seen. Would….because through drum & bugle corps (in South-Africa: Field Band) these kids get access to life lessons, education and Aids prevention projects. The bands are fun to watch. Imagine…drum corps with an African touch.

Maybe this week is a week to be thankful about. We have the luxury in the western world to do Drum & Bugle Corps. It’s a luxury item we all treasure. Kids in South-Africa are becoming as fortunate in that way as we are….it just need some more time, guidance and some money. Please visit www.fieldband.org.za and click ‘TAKE PART’. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

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