WGUK Spintastic On The Road

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Spintastic On The Road is a new venture by WinterGuard United Kingdom to assist in education within the colourguard activity and WGUK are pleased to announce that the first two sessions have now been booked.

In both cases a WGUK appointed and funded Clinician will be traveling to different areas of the country to assist specific Guards in the development programmes for their staff.

The first, in the Bristol area, will be working with Guard staff to develop a system of achievement levels for their members so that they have goals to work towards in the respective disciplines. This will also include creating training videos which can be referred to in the future.

Moving south, the second session is being held in Brighton and the Clinician will be working with staff fairly new to the activity – taking them through basics exercises to help build their confidence and enable them to pass on what they have learned onto their members.

WGUK Education Co-Ordinator, Kieran Hope, commented “I am really pleased that Guards can see there is a benefit to this initiative and hope these are the first of many more similar sessions in the coming months”.

You can find out more about Spintastic On the Road at the website http://www.spintastic.org.uk

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