2008 Personnel Opportunities For Frontier

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With the 2007 competitive season coming to a close, plans are underway to ensure the 2008 season is the best to date. This page outlines available opportunities for the 2008 version of Frontier. For positions listing an ‘Initial Letter of Intent’ – an email can be sent to the designated party that should include: name, contact information, experience/brief resume, and any reference materials (name or organization & program, links to video, audio, websites, etc) that would assist selection committee in organizing candidates.

#1 Corps Director
FPAA was founded in 2004 as an umbrella organization to promote the arts and specifically, the pageantry arts. The first ensemble under that umbrella was Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps. Chris Green, Executive Director for FPAA since 2004, was tasked with filling the vacant Corps Director (referred to as Ensemble Director within the Bi-laws of FPAA) for the initial seasons. In the administrative set-up of FPAA, should an Ensemble Director not be in place for an ensemble, the Executive Director shall fill that vacant position. Chris Green has served in both the Executive Director of FPAA role as well as the Ensemble Director role of Frontier since its inception. It is the intention of FPAA for the 2008 season to find an Ensemble Director separate from the Executive Director, so that the Executive Director of FPAA focus can focus on development of other ensembles (like Masquerade Drum & Bugle Corps of Ruston, LA founded in 2007; TXI Winterguard; Affinity Percussion, and assistance with the City of Rockport in the foundation of The Scream Machine Drum & Bugle Corps of Corpus Christi, TX) and programs (Brass Hysteria, Rockport Christmas Project, etc) Applicants for the Ensemble Director (Corps Director) of Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps can view the duties, responsibilities, and application process by downloading the PDF file below. Applicants should fulfill the first step (Initial Letter of Intent) by September 8, 2007 Initial Letter of Intent should be sent to director [at] frontierperformingarts [dot] org

Ensemble Director is a volunteer position (though travel assistance may be considered/included)

#2 Program Coordinator
Program Coordinators are charged with ensuring all aspects of the performing ensemble are considered in design. It is desirable for the Program Coordinator not to hold another design position within the ensemble. It is also desirable for that person to possess the skills to step into multiple design or instructional roles should the season or rehearsal call for it. The Program Coordinator will work with selected design staff in choosing and coordinating the 2008 competitive season program. Programs are selected by committee, but it is the duty of the Program Coordinator to drive discussion and ensure program selected meets standards as outlined in FPAA documentation. Applicants with sufficient program coordination experience (drum corps preferred, but marching band, winterguard, winter drumline will be considered), should submit an Initial Letter of Intent to staff [at] frontiercorps [dot] org

Program Coordinator is a volunteer position.

#3 Instructional and Design Staff
All positions in the instructional and design staff are open for application during the month of September and October season calendar year. Caption Heads and Designers are selected by the end of September (or sooner in the case of returning personnel). Technicians and support staff are selected by the end of October. Clinicians and extra personnel are added during the season as desired. Applicants interested in any instructional or design staff positions that may be available (full listing of available positions will be available following the 2007 FPAA season banquet on September 16th) should submit an Initial Letter of Intent (including any salary or travel requirements) to staff [at] frontiercorps [dot] org

Most Instructional and Design Staff are volunteer positions.

#4 Administrative Staff
The FPAA fiscal year ends on September 30th 2007. Elections for vacant Board of Directors positions will take place in November of 2007, at the initial rehearsal of Frontier’s 2008 season. All nominations for Board positions should be submitted to the Records Keeper of FPAA (records [at] frontierperformingarts [dot] org ) no later than October 31, 2007. The Board is looking for interested parties with background or skill sets including (but not limited to): Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, Non-Profit Management, Event Management, Policy and Procedure Development, Community Enrichment, Business Development, Fundraising, Long Term Planning, Budget Management, Database Development/Management and Administrative skills. For more information about open Board positions, or the requirements for Board membership, please contact director [at] frontierperformingarts [dot] org Frontier will be looking for various administrative staff positions to be filled in 2008. Some of these may include Assistant Ensemble Director, Logistics Coordinator, Quartermaster, etc. All available Administrative Staff positions will be posted following the September 16th FPAA banquet.

Administrative Staff are volunteer positions.

#5 Performing Member
Auditions for 2008 Brass, Percussion and Colorguard performers will take place in November 2007. Auditions for 2008 Drum Majors will take place in January 2008. To ensure you get the latest information about auditions, rehearsals, and all information about the 2008 competitive season. Register by visiting (this is the direct link to the Registration link at the top of the page). For any questions regarding auditions, Frontier, or available staff positions contact info [at] frontiercorps [dot] org

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