New York Skyliners Announce 2008 Program

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The New York Skyliners will take the field of competition in 2008 performing “The Awakening,” an original Chris Bernotas brass show. Bernotas’ brass arrangements will be complemented and driven by Keith Warfield battery and ensemble percussion charts, and visually staged by Eric Sabach.

The concept and vision behind this original, collaborative work are driven by the spirit, endurance, passion, and never-say-die attitude of the New York Skyliners. New beginnings offer promise, excitement, inspiration and dreams. With any awakening, comes the opportunity to reflect on the past, rethink for the present, and rebuild for the future. With a fresh outlook, innovative perspective, and well-known Skyliners resiliency and emotion, the New York Skyliners plan to do just that this season.

“The Awakening” will start with a bold visual and musical presentation that will leave no doubt that the New York Skyliners are back! With this invigorating and unique show, the Skyliners will awaken the mind, the spirit, and the audience’s appetite for more. And they promise that the Skyliners won’t be the only people in the stadium awake!

Brass players, percussionists, or color guard performers – stop down at the New York Skyliners’ Membership Day on Sunday, October 14th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 P.M. at Dover American Legion Post #27 in Dover, New Jersey. Be a part of “The Awakening” of the New York Skyliners in 2008.

Go to our website for contact information, directions, and our latest schedule: or contact Harry Eldridge, Sr. at director [at] nyskyliners [dot] org.

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