SoCal Dream Seeks To Enhance Existing Staff

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The perpetual DCA Class A Finalist, SoCal Dream, seeks to add staff members to various captions.

The past few years have been exciting for SoCal Dream! The Staff and Board of Directors continue to be encouraged by the growth of the organization and the successes it is sharing with the membership and the communities they serve.

In order to continue to grow, SoCal Dream is soliciting resumes for the following positions to enhance Performance Excellence:

Visual Technicians – The role of the Visual Technician is to support the Visual Caption Head in his/her duties. They should be able to effectively communicate, demonstrate, and educate the corps membership as to the corps’ visual technique. They should have a superior understanding of Drill Instruction, Movement, and Style as well as be able to interpret written drill. The Visual Technicians reports to the Visual Caption Head.

Front Ensemble Instructor – The role of the Front Ensemble Instructor is to support the Percussion Caption Head in his/her duties. They should be able to effectively evaluate and educate the front ensemble musicians. SoCal Dream is actively growing its percussion section, and the Front Ensemble Instructor should support these efforts. The Front Ensemble Instructor reports to the Percussion Caption Head.

Logistics / Facilities Coordinator – SoCal Dream is seeking an individual that will be responsible for obtaining rehearsal facilities for the entire calendar season. This includes preparing the field(s) into the appropriate configuration required (i.e., lining the field, positioning yard markers, etc…). For the competitive season, the Coordinator will also be responsible for ensuring proper and timely delivery of equipment to all show sites. The Logistics / Facilities Coordinator reports to the Director of the Corps.

SoCal Dream is soliciting resumes for the following positions to enhance its Business Management Organization and Board of Directors:

Treasurer – The role of the Treasurer is to ensure financial matters are being properly adhered to as per the corps bylaws. The Treasurer should be an uninterested third party (i.e., not financially invested, a marching member nor hold another Staff position). The Treasurer should be available to the corps membership for collection of dues and fees, make timely deposits, and disperse funds as per the corps bylaws.

Fundraising Manager – SoCal Dream is seeking an individual or individual(s) to manage all fundraising aspects for the corps. This individual will work very closely with the Brand Marketing Manager in the brand and public image of the SoCal Dream product. You should be extremely creative and possess the business savvy to understand the nonprofit rules and regulations pertaining to how funds can be raised. Fundraising is the top priority for the organization to continue its growth and vision implementation. Only serious applicants need apply.

Brand Marketing Manager – This person should be a self-motivated, people-person oriented individual. Their primary responsibility will be heading up the souvenir sales at all shows as well as playing a key role in designing new items to offer for sale. They will also be expected to seek out vendors and manufacturers to produce items for sale.

*The above positions report to the President of Board

Please send your interest and resume to: director [at] socaldream [dot] org

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