A Rookie’s Reflection: Yes I Am Coming Back For More

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You know that nervous feeling of butterflies in your stomach, when you are in a new exciting situation? That is the feeling I had walking into my first CV practice. I have to admit I was scared. I haven’t marched guard for 10 years. Yes, I had taught guard for most of those years, but in no way was I conditioned to be a performer. The caliber of performers that were in that room was astounding and guard had evolved so much in the last decade, I felt like there was so much for me to learn. I was so concerned about making a fool of myself and worried that I would be trespassing into a clique of people who had been working together and was leery of outsiders. I mean, come on, we do have this tendency to test out the waters and deem you worthy of being a part of the group. I fully expected to walk in and be given the once over. You know- that “sizing you up” look that people do sometimes just to intimidate you? The uneasiness melted from me the moment I walked into the door.

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