Brigadiers Announce 2008 Program

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It is with great excitement that The Brigadiers Drum and Bugle Corps announce their 2008 program, "Reflexions." The Corps will begin its 2008 adventure with an Open House and first camp November 17-18, where we will premier our new multi-key brass line! Additional information concerning times and location will be posted soon on our website at Stay tuned for more announcements to follow about our design and instructional staff!

The Brigadiers 2008 Program: "Reflexions: The Music of Samuel R. Hazo"

Continuing the Brigs’ tradition of innovation in the all-age activity and moving forward with the corps’ evolution into a new era of performance, the 2008 Brigadiers will present “Reflexions,” an exploration of the dynamic and personal music of Samuel R. Hazo, one of America’s brightest young composers of wind literature. Even with a long tradition of visual innovation and musical risk-taking, the Brigs have never embarked on a more adventurous program. Hallmarked by energy and impact, “Reflexions” is the perfect sign of things to come from the masters of sight and sound.

Arranger Wayne Downey will re-imagine several of Hazo’s most stirring compositions, “Sevens,” “Echoes,” and “Ride,” for the modern drum corps, augmenting them with his own unique compositional skills. Hazo’s music is new, fresh, and provocative – with powerful melodies and memorable impacts that promise to thrill DCA audiences as never before.

Each piece has a primary focus – building every production into a singular idea while providing the show with a variety of emotions. From the playful homage to Gordon Goodwin and George Gershwin in “Sevens,” to the remembrance of teachers past in “Echoes,” to the sheer exhilaration of a fast car in “Ride,” three distinctive personalities are revealed. Percussion arrangers David Glyde and Jim Wunderlich add even further refinements and energy to Downey’s vision, combining these works into a compelling, contemporary program.

Visually, the Corps will explore their “Reflexions” through the realm of reflective surfaces and mediums such as mirrors, water, and chrome, adding depth and richness. But “Flex” has many meanings and its full range of motion and expression are discovered by the guard, with the creative team of Ryan Bronner, Chris Caraccilo and Beth Calhoun having full reign.

Rick Morey’s creative, flexible staging and a variety of “images” reflect the myriad moods and excitement of the music, setting the stage for the Brigs to once again generate the standard for quality entertainment in DCA.

The 2008 program moves the corps into a new dimension from a musical standpoint, while still retaining the signature jazz influences for which The Brigadiers are known. “Reflexions” promises to present a captivating expedition into new and exciting directions for both The Brigadiers and the all-age drum corps activity.

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