CGN Starts Indoor Percussion Advisory Team

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Color Guard Nederland (CGN) will form an ‘advisory team’ for Indoor Percussion in the next few weeks. This group of people that know about Percussion and Indoor Percussion will give their advice to CGN when asked and when not.

The next few weeks people from all over the activity will be asked to join in this group.

CGN hopes that Indoor Percussion within CGN will become and activity that is broadly supported and governed by the units itself. This newworking party is a good step in that direction. "CGN always stands for it’s units and will always look into the future, looking for progress in every way", CGN Chairman Paul Doop proclaimed. "Thru this initiative the connection with the units should be even better and the Percussion units should start telling us how they want they’re hobby to evolve."

Posted by on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007. Filed under Color Guard Nederland.