DeLucia And Kerchner Return To Bridgemen In 2008

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The Bridgemen Alumni Corps is happy to announce that DCI Hall of Famers, Dennis Delucia and Larry Kerchner will be returning to the corps in 2008 as the Percussion Arranger and Brass Arranger.

Dennis Delucia was the percussion arranger for the corps from 1976 -1984 and lead the drums to the high drum trophy from 1980-1982. He has been the Percussion Arranger and Show Coordinator for the Alumni corps since 2005.

Larry Kerchner was the corps Brass Arranger from 1972-1978 & 1980-1982 and has been the arranger for the alumni corps since 2005. He was recently inducted into the DCI Hall Of Fame.

The Bridgemen Alumni Corps will be holding their 2008 Open House on Saturday November 17th, 2007 at 12:00 p.m. It will be held at St.Andrews grammar school in Bayonne, NJ.

Anyone wanting more information can visit the corps website @

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