Spirit Of BYBA Alive And Kicking

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Fresh on the back of their Junior Division Championship Winning performance, the Marxmen have had unprecedented success in bringing the media up to speed with what the young people within this great activity of ours can really achieve. The recent BBC News 24 airing has also now lead to some localized publicity for the Band in addition.

Topping all of that, however, is the demonstration by the Marxmen and Equinox to embrace each other in the true spirit of all that we hold dear within the British Youth Band Association and invitations by both Bands have been issued and accepted for each to attend and perform at their respective Presentation evenings.

It is this sort of interaction that makes the Association very proud of it’s membership because even after a very tightly fought competitive season, where one managed to triumph over another, the Spirit of BYBA celebrates all competitive units and this demonstration proves the respect that each member unit has for one another.

BYBA would like to congratulate the the Marxmen and Equinox for proving that the spirit of BYBA is still alive and kicking!!

Posted by on Tuesday, October 30th, 2007. Filed under British Youth Band Association.