BYBA 2007 National Finals Report

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On Sunday 7th October, over 2,500 gathered at Butts Park Arena, Coventry, England for the UK’s premier National Championships staged by the British Youth Band Association, and boy, what a Championships it promised to be in all Divisions.

30 units performed in competition out of a season starting line of 45 units back in June, those which arrived at ‘Finals’ earned they place after a series of 8 regional shows across June, July and September, with units qualifying after at least 3 shows, and being seeded in divisional league tables. So, the stage was set for a very interesting and exciting day and it some cases it was right down the wire.

Our day starts at 10:15am with the Junior Division, which is a proving ground for new and rebuilding units. Followed by Division 3, then the Cadet Division, and a Retreat and Presentation for the 1st half of the day. After a break, we will move onto Division 2, Division 1, and BYBA’s new open age group, ‘BYBA Associate Division’, and a 2nd Retreat; all of the second half of the event being floodlit, to add to the spectacle.

Glevum Knights Program “The wonder years by Elton John”. Score 61.1

This show was very carefully crafted for five members. One front line, four marching. It opens up with a soft, “Feel the Love Tonight”. This was followed by the frontline person carrying the music of “I’m Still Standing”, with the marching members interchanging positions with body moves, the balled came next with a well performed intro by the Baritone of “Don’t let the Sun go down on Me” this continued with the other members joining in to produce a nice sound for a junior quartet.

6th Hove Program “Take That.” Score 61.3

Taking musical scores from the recently reformed pop group, “Take That”, the introduction of movement and colour worked well from the start, with the music “Could it be Magic” well effective for such a young group with quite a strong interpretation. The second number opened up, to introduce double flags, plenty of visuals with body moves included, “It only takes a Minute”. The balled of “How Deep is your Love” was well crafted with the Baritone solo being blended through the number. The closer “Re-light my Fire” was a bright sound with big bright Zebra silks from the guard, with a build to a triangle block at the finish with loads of visual dynamics.

Coseley Comets Program “A tribute to Frank Sinatra” Score 65.6

“New York, New York” opened up well from the centre line the guard full of energy dancing with hat and canes, “Something Stupid” carried on in the ideas, music and show were moving along building a good emotional entry. “Luck be a Lady” made an even stronger impact the guard changed to soft pastel large blue flags, then even stronger colours to carry us on a journey through “Mack the Knife”, “Love & Marriage, and on into” Chicago” with candy striped flags, then on to the big finish with “My Way”. Plenty of energy and loads of fun!

Equinox Program “Madagascar” Score 70.0

Opened up well from a spread from 35 to 35 with “Born Free” being well supported by the front line. They used shapes in motion and kept it coming through “New York, New York” and “Foosa Attack” and the music was full of energy. The drum feature was full of accents with changing rhythms making this effective and enjoyable for this young group. This led into a balled of “Wonderful World” with soft blue flags understated, but nicely produced, with the last number of “Hawaii 5-0” being fast and moving to the finish.

Marksmen Program “Back to the 60’s” Score 72.6

This was the last unit in this division, but still not to be missed. The guard suitably dressed, from “Carnaby Street”, in their dresses and caps look like they just stepped out of the past, and they worked this effect to the utmost. Big yellow flags took us through “Run around Sue” The musicians played like they were from the sixties too! With drills that were full of fun, and full of impact. The second number “Pretty Woman” slowed down but was no less effective, full on emotion with efforts towards character and emotion from the guard, music wailing out from start to finish. By now they decided to slow down and give the audience a slightly slower number of “When a Man loves a Woman”, musically it was fun, the guard had psychedelic flags with a star motif, with the front line and percussion pushing it along.

Their drills continued to work the audience for every ounce of energy to the end.

If this class is how BYBA starts it’s Championships, the day will be jumping!!

Division Three

Midsomer Norton Marching Brass Program “Distant Dreams” Score 62.6

This was a sombre start, but full of intrigue none the less, with “Flight of the Condor” using good open drills, well worked to achieve its aim, guard and percussion played their role tastefully with a Latin feel throughout with plenty of variety. The second number was a striking change with Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” giving us those familiar statements from both front line and percussion as well. The guard used large pastel flags to help to create the open expansive feelings of this piece, along with moving curvilinear and evolving lines. After this bold statement came the Spanish Latin influence by the whole Percussion ensemble, as the guard moved out to support this journey with bright red silks bringing across the emotions of the music. The visual and musicians joined in to carry us onward to end up at front and centre with the guard on even larger flags with the final say of this programme.

Halifax BB/GB Program “Phantom of the Opera” Score 69.4

From close order to a bright company front on the opening bars of “the Phantom” told the audience they meant business, continued to move quickly around the field to the music using a good variety of drills including instrument and body moves to a strong conclusion. The second selection was the balled of “Wishing you were Somehow here Again”, this rendition was tastefully played mainly through lower brass, but the flute was so emotional as the counter part, excellent moment. The drill meandered through, with intrigue and guile creating the atmosphere of the part. Front line musically carried the next short piece leading into a full out “Masquerade” and “Music of the Night” using soft curve lines to start with, which soon found the aggressive linier lines when it moved into the stronger piece with a big conclusion. Then the program pushed on again! With the music finally slowing to the open block of the final conclusion. What energy!!

Doncaster Scouts Program “Batman & Robin – Men in Tights!” Score 71.2

Coverage of start with a relatively small band was impressive from 25 to 25. The music opened up with the lower brass sound of the “Batman theme” including the “Batman chase” visual contracting inwards, as the trumpets open up, the music and visual expose themselves to more aggressive and brighter areas, this continued through using the lines to communicate their emotions and ideas through to the conclusion. The second piece was “Poison Ivy” a tongue in the cheek humour, who said you don’t get variety? This was a slow and interesting change of humour for the audience, as Batman came off the tower to play saxophone herself? The ballad of “Everything I do, I do it for you”; this soulful number was well performed using the centre front of the field, this again was well received. The closer segment “Men in Tights” and “Rocking Robin” worked the drills well of sliding lines and blocks in centre field; the first part number more of a march tune and was performed that way, The second was more of a rock and roll, which was fun with drills and body moves interwoven all the way to the final conclusion. This was the first switch of the day from the seedings starting 8th place, and scoring 6th – a worthy placement.

Lanesfield BB/GB Program “Medley” Score 70.4

This was our first Bb non-valve bugle band of the day, though what they may have lost in musical, they more than made up in their visual programme. It started at great speed with “Swing March” weaving many patterns as the music flowed moving in and out with good bearing and style, continued with “Ghost Riders”, with the music switching backwards and forwards from the front line to the brass sounding as an echo which was a great effect. Then they continued to be creative with a “rocky-style” drum segment, this led into “Rock around the Clock” with appropriate rocking styles of drill and body moves, and cymbal highlights. Then it really took off. Up to Scotland for “Scotland a Brave”, and back with “Swing March Reprise”; all at a very good quick time with immaculate drills to match. Then it moved into an even faster “medley” at a great pace to the conclusion of their show!!!!

Atherstone YMB Program “Rock Evolution” Score 69.4

Opening form positive block form 40 to 40, but when it starts it opens up at a fast pace, guard comes into view with bright flags, working very musical. The music of “Wonderwall” continues to motivate the drills through several phases of the music at a good speed, the equipment and visual continue to move and rotate to finally place the guard on the front, for the dramatic ending. The ballad allows us to catch our breath we hear the soft texture of Latin rhythms from the front line joined by the guard doing a great job, to the haunting music of Santana’s “She’s not There”; the structure of the visual is appropriate, working along side the musical Ideas. A change up to pull the visual into slides and pushes as the tempo builds with an explosive drum line, the sabres appear on the front line, the movement and music creates the big impact to the end of the number. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” gave good contrast to the piece previous, soft pastel silks, nice gentle music, it did a good job of bringing the music down to a whisper, before moving back up for the conclusion. Excitement as we carry on with rotations and pass through and block forms, of the final medley of “Boys will be Boys” and “I Predict a Riot” very fast and interesting drill changes with strong musical structure to the final resolve.

Revolution Show Corps Program “Dreams of Summer” Score 73.3

This show is not conventional in that it asks the audience to be part of the dream! The scene opens with children on the last day before the summer break they are dreaming of what they wish to do. “Dreaming of summer” The show proper wakes up with a splash! Bright silks lots of energy with visual movement to the music, it moves up a gear as “Schools Out” kicks in. The programme is moving on, through strong musical passages accented by the guard and visuals. As we move into “Best Years of our Lives” from the block form, the guard continue to accent through role play, but still keep the bright checker silks in motion building through the equipment body motion of the theme, the creative ideas continue to the end of the piece. The Ballad “Don’t Stop me Now” gives the audience a good view of the fun time within the marching elements, as the accelerando moves up, the guard are back to help the moment with strong red flags. The music continues to raise the tempo into the conclusion. All still in character. The closer adds depth to the programme, “Augustus Gloop” arrives with intricate passages of music at times guard and other members use a playful mood to push the programme through several areas of musical movement until The final conclusion is reached. We all know what little children do when they get to tired? THEY SLEEP!!!! Great inventive programme.

Upton Youth Band Program “Scary Band Show” Score 74.6

Upton set their scene in a graveyard, at the offset we hear very inventive sounds from the front line, every one in costume a very scary time!! The front line leads to stimulation through the grave yard setting up the scene for the music. “Frozen” is the first choice of music as the scene comes to life. Quality visual and music strongly accented move from scene to scene, on through “Thriller” the musicians make good use of their cloaks to emphasis characterisation and to bring more to the crescendo’s, as it leads through a series of interchanging block forms and slides to the conclusion. As the eerie sound of the ballad “Come Little Children” the softness leads the audience towards another scary moment the blend of good arrangements and good solid visuals through this causes the natural dislike, even so the overpowering quality of performance through every section forces you to watch and listen, a chilling end to the Ballad; I haven’t mentioned the guard at all, because they were such an integral part of the overall theme as were every one else. The next two numbers blur into one. “Red Dragon” becomes the prequel to “Psycho”. The closer takes off at a high tempo with the drill programme working on overtime to keep up, spinning blocks, slides and pushes the music rushes onwards to the final conclusion! What will it be? Your final nightmare!!!

4th Uckfield (Holy Cross) Scout Band Program “Legacy of the Sea” Score 74.7

Set the scene with characters including staff dressed as pirates etc, with canons and a mast on the field. We are obviously on board a galleon. Vocal start with swaying body moves, soft structure music, mostly from the frontline area, gives the impression of the sea, after a short time there is a rise in tempo of the music, visual programme starts to show signs of movement, using blocks and slides, creating some energy while the canons are removed. As the music slows down the frontline picks up the soft textures again of the sea, before moving into the next piece. This builds up and moves into the percussion break with loads of visual interpretations of seafaring thoughts from the musical lines. The music continues to build through the programme as the visual interpretation rotates a block and opens it, at the same time as the music comes to a crescendo. Second entry, the music here builds through the programme as the visual interpretations of slides and pulls pull the visual programme around with various body moves interpreting the pirates theme. At this point there is a short ballad, tastefully interpreted at sea on a calm day, but it doesn’t last long. The music builds the visual interpretations are interchanging chevrons as the music becomes fast a furious leading to the pirates fight. With the final conclusion of the pirates winning the battle and raising the Jolly Roger.

1st Ibstock Scouts Program “Something for Everyone” Score 79.7

Opening position depicts the wind section in a curved line on side 1, percussion smaller curved line, in front and nearer to centre field. As the musicians come forward opening the intervals the percussion goes back through to a fanfare, the show then opens out in the field towards the centre position using “Rhapsody in Blue” as it’s motivation, rotating lines and into “Pinball Wizard” in a revolving circular motion. Good work is noted from the small colour guard with lots of energy involved in all the drills, it continues to be energetic to the conclusion. Percussion break, rhythms and a small change in number of vocals add to the variety of this. Ballad “One Moment in Time” with soft textured silks of pastel pink and purple, help the programme that continues to enthral the audience through the conclusion of the balled. The tempo builds again in quick succession into “I Want you Back” this is a fun time number with music and visuals of continuous movement. Closer opens up from the block form leaving a solo guard member on the ground, she rises as the music of “At World’s End” it starts to build and soar as the visuals again start to create conflict of line pushes to and from blocks. The guard members join in with sabres towards the conclusion onto the big finish of slides and pushes as the large backdrop rises of the Jolly Roger.

Stafford Lancers Program “Fiddler on the Roof” Score 81.0

Open block form for 25 to 25 big start. The show starts with a solo trumpeter, as all horns start to move in and gradually join in musically as it closes into block form on conclusion of the crescendo. Guard use soft purple silks with a Star of David motif through this passage using quality equipment, body movements throughout. Next came the ballad, beautiful sorrowful music continues to surprise with this texture of music whilst building the four man pods and concluding at the block, well portrayed. As the next piece starts to accelerate through the musical arrangement the guard appear with bright silks to add visual acceleration to the already fast moving part of the show to the conclusion of the lines on the front side. Quality work again from this corps as it softly grows back through the rising balled and opens out the drills to allow the guard with their soft blue silks to use a variety of body and equipment movement efforts that add to the intrigue of the programme that enthral the audience. Structure of the dance is well orchestrated in characteristics of Russian peasant dance through this passage, characterisation is enhanced as the music continues to build and accelerate the programme builds to the conclusion of the classic ending. FOLLOW THAT!!

Cadet Division

As a broad principle in BYBA, the Cadet Division comprises of feeder units into other bands and corps.

Upton Cadets Program “H2O” Score 27.0

Small group of children having a good time using “April Showers”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Thunderbolts and Lightening” and “It’s Raining Men” as their motivation. The drill consisted of small slides and pushes, guard achieving a good basic standard using blue flags, “Singing in the Rain” could be heard and seen through the guard’s interpretation and dance with the umbrellas. The frontline were very motivated through the thunderstorm leading to some interesting musical/visual ideas to the conclusion of the programme.

Atherstone Cadets Program “The Wild West Show” Score 33.0

“Home on the Range” was well worked at such a young age with a small series of rotations to the final resolve with some very good efforts for this age range. Motivation of the drum feature got the audience participating, clapping along to the tempo of the music, this was followed by “She’ll be coming round the Mountain” as the musicians started moving to an open block form that was closed with the fun time rendition of the above music as it came to its final conclusion.

Black Knights Cadets Program “The Knights Go Mad!” Score 40.0

Good musical opening set with “House of Fun” and “Baggy Trousers”. Some motivation visually with the help of the colour guard member on flag who moved to rifle on “It Must Be Love”. A real good fun time show, had the audience openly laughing and enjoying it at this point. The music continued well and the guard used double flags with a heart on them to complete this number. “Driving in My Car” was also a real good time. The interest is kept up by an excellent level of music at this age, by such a small group. This show carried on in the same theme through “Our House” and “One Step Beyond” full of fun as you would expect from the group Madness and these young people certainly treated their heroes’ music and sense of fun in the taste that Madness would have been proud off. Well Done!

37th Kingswood Cadets Program “The Silver Screen” Score 42.0

Kingswood Cadets were motivated very well within the musical and visual arrangements they chose to interpret using many visual and musical techniques that you would expect from a much older group. The guard’s dance structure through the music of the frontline worked very well indeed. The programme continued to reach for progression as the guard moved out with double silks and then onward to interchanging visual sets climaxing the guard integrated into the horn line. During this passage some of the guard changed to sabres and continued the adventure as the musicians and percussion followed from set to set and eventually joined back by the colour guard on black silks building through the final elements of the programme to their big conclusion. For such a young age group it is surprising what they can achieve.

At this point the 11th Northampton BB Junior Band joined in exhibition

Very traditional style using B flat bugles, traditional style drums and one marching keyboard.

They produced a very good quality programme of basic drills using basic forms showing the training they have been taught using all aspects of drills and flourishes to entertain the audience with open interval and close quarter drills. Well done!

Division 2

Staffordshire Knights D&BC Program “Themes of James Bond” Score 76.4

Opening comment, the backdrop dominates the theme which adds to the expectation to come. A classy feel to the musical opening, the flow of the theme comes through very well on the block sets, for such a young group the quality is starting to pay dividends, the visual programme also through the block sets was well structured and well performed. Changes of direction musically in the piano segments created some nice emotions. Guard helped to create the motivation leading to the aggressive work in the smoky resolve. Motivation for the second number works well through the slower tempo, the guard work backfield is effective with a very good performance, a very good climb into the final climax. In the third number the sympathetic emotional segments of the programme is provided by the music to “For Your Eyes Only” this allows the energy to release through the guard’s and character’s front stage. A very good effort towards the rotational block form to allow the runaway of the guard for the next change. Closer silver flags give good initiation to the sides and pushes great motivation as the music moves onward and encourages the visual book to build the final climax with the young guard working extremely well with large multi flags. Great season! Well done!

Trinity High School Program “Trinity World Tour” Score 85.5

Classy opening statement as it builds up through the programme using quality drills through to the first release, musical ideas work well using dancers to hit the high points of the crescendo at that release. The flow of the musical statements through “America” worked and crafted very well to include visual impact with the interchanging flow lines. As you carry us on your journey through into the Orient the designs and the music open up into a different direction using the frontline and the musicians to enhance the balled. The visual is also enhanced by the colouration of the costumes and the double yellow flags that help to build to the crescendo to finally find ourselves at a bullfight. The music is enhanced very much by the interest of the audience is the field performance. We travel again, this time to London, England where the music and the visual control the audience through a very strident “London Bridge is falling down” this is played with good control and plenty of power continuing on their journey around the world to include your supporters (fan club) waving small Union Jacks. This was the shock of the night in a topsy turvy Division 2 with Trinity coming into Finals in 5th place, and going home as Division 2 Champions! Thank you for your excellent musical/visual journey.

East Coast Elite Program “Reflections” Score 77.8

The programme opens up musically with frontline soft textures as other musical elements begin to be introduced. At this time the visual programme begins to come closer and increases speed through pass throughs and rolling blocks to the final crescendo. Second segment of the programme opens up very well with rhythmic pieces and staccato based ideas being picked up from frontline and field percussion. This is also worked well through the flow form and interchanging lines with visuals from the musicians. Next comes the ballad, “Nimrod”, this has a quality sound with lots of intrigue within it musical phrasing and visual ideas. The innovative way that they carried their project through this number built and continued to increase the thought process throughout this number. A change of musical/visual character came about within the percussion break in “Reflection of Earth”, some very good musical dynamics with elements of visual support allowed the brass to build dynamics through this element of the programme to a conclusion at the block on the 50 yard line. The closer opened up with the music carrying the visual programme at a good tempo as we raised the expectations, at this point the visual were pushing slides into blocks and interchanging pivots and connections to the final resolve of the programme. An excellent job done!

11th Northampton BB Program “Band of Brothers” Score 77.4

This band of brothers achieved an extraordinary programme full of emotions, which many people would consider was not achievable by a traditional marching band. The show starts with interesting connections of basic drills done very well. Drum and Bugle Corps are heard which sets up their view and the audience’s interest of times of the 1st World War. This is used to set up the storyline of emotional interest of the British people and probably many overseas. The show continues with a drum cadence and all the buglers becoming rookies in a drill team who had just joined up to fight, they are being taught basic drills by a tough drill sergeant with plenty of humour involved, being made ready to go to war. Now they are ready, here they go to the music played by themselves “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, already I can hear the audience clapping and the atmospheric feelings are apparent by the silence when they reach their destination. The young soldiers falling on the front line ready to do their duty, as the signal is played on the whistle and the siren our gallant heroes go over the top, but like many of their comrades before them they meet enemy machine gun fire and many are to die. But this is not the end, as each man in the quiet of the night revives to salute and call out his name and rank and walks to the front line of the field of competition today. Each man in turn takes up his cross and places it in the spot where he laid. During this period the last post is solemnly played with great dignity as they continued to raise the Union Jack on a high standard being held by them all. My final thoughts on this show. I have seen many shows over many years, I have seen this show three times this year and each time it brings a lump to my throat. This may not be the best musical journey, or the best visual journey of the season, but it carries enough emotional content to have everyone believing their story. Great performance, well done! And thanks.

Phantom Knights Program “Broadway Dreams” Score 83.6

This programme opens up on front line with vocals and visuals carried by colour guard in character, the music starts to gradually and quietly creep into the programme, slowly building up speed and volume until the programme is tastefully on its way. The visual ideas start to show interests through slides and rotations into a negative block with the guard integrated in the middle. The guard has large yellow and black silks, the music becomes strident as does the visual depth to the programme as it builds to the conclusion of this number. The ballad is introduced by the frontline music, on the field the horn line are characters behind the large net curtains, the flag line are interpreting the music as the musicians interchange their movements. Well created emotional efforts, in the final resolve the guard move for new change of silks as the corps moves down to the front. Tempo change interchanging positions on line fits before they move into the block just in time for “Jesus Christ Superstar” guard move down to change to rifles, at this time the show is building a good tempo and controlling all aspects of musical/visual performance very well. Next comes “West Side Story”, It’s “Mambo” time, the whole dance structure is set up through the quality procedure of the dance with the guard taking the leading parts. Lots of energy and lots of quality, we move on quickly to “Les Miserables” as the guard enters the drill pieces with flags of red, white and blue. The music and visual continue to achieve good quality training in both areas, into the final resolve. Music and visual slow the tempo a little, for a nice jazzy feel as they express the contemporary jazz through the last piece as the guard move in with extra large gold and purple silks. Thanks for the journey.

Cheshire Cadets Program “Shaken but not stirred” Score 83.5

The music opens up with the “Bond Theme” as the corps and the guard begin to build towards each other and the music grows in volume until they join together. Guard produces an emotional dance and red silks as the music moves on and visual moves on building up to “Live and Let Die” good interchange on brass and percussion on the rotation pull and the guard runs down on the resolve of the high point of the brass. Interesting times as it moves through the frontline version and percussion of “Live and Let Die” at a good pace, leading to the intro of a baritone solo. This was well worked into the number and the guard came into their own with a good emotional rendition of “You Know My Name” from Casino Royale (2006). A very soft piano intro by the frontline introduced the guard on gold, pastel flags, block formation slides and pushes, open up the form as it approaches the closer intro, “For Your Eyes Only”. A very controlled passage of interchanging voices as it starts to stretch the tempo and volume and the visual starts to speed up. The guard reappear with large red and gold flags, musicians create more efforts and the visual programme races for the final conclusion. I was shaken and a little stirred, and I guess so were Cheshire Cadets falling from a seeded 1st place to 3rd place overall, it just wasn’t their night.

Associate Class

Poynton Commodores Program “Frames of mind” Score 81.3

Show opens through the middle red cube building up by the use of slides and pushes to the music of “Gloria Movement 3” in the final entry the guard are carrying umbrellas, interplay takes place suggesting rain, the show continues with slides and pushes and rotations into block form, strong aggressive up tempo music as we rotate through a series and swings and blocks, all appropriate emotional and effective, through into the next section musicians interchange at speed with the guard carrying red silks, guard work constantly using the equipment body movement as it moves to the resolve. The build up to the white cube uses the music of “Concerto de la Aranjuez”. This initially builds the tension as the music and visual programme evolve to entrap a guard member in the block with all other members on the outside. This continues from this position to a negative block of musicians outside with a guard member trapped within. As we move to the next segment the music becomes mechanical, the actions become mechanical as we move towards total control inside the cube, all elements of musical/visual form are now robots, a very strong emotional element of the show to symbolise different stages of mankind. Mechanical precision, all members, all music of the percussive ensemble Pat Metheny’s “Proof” work through visual ideas mechanical. This segment is particularly controlled emotionally. Then on to the flowered cube the music becomes more motivating, more uplifting as the solo guard member uses dance structure with a bouquet through the beginnings of “Appalachian Morning” lighter moments of time in the green cube, green flags texture of the music very open, very warming, visual programme uses these textures to apply their training to this new structure. The music travels through a variety of tempos using interchangeable lines and rotating block form with the guard book very challenging throughout this effect. The final conclusion is very thought provoking and extremely effective.

Northern Star Program “Through the Labyrinth” Score 93.4

Programme opens with characterisation, large ball which encourages intrigue as the music develops from piano and accelerando. The music continues to develop to tempos and rhythms with visual movement at increasing speed and variety, guard book at an excellent development which finally comes to rest with a focus through the lines encouraging the audience to look at the entrance to the labyrinth. The music continues to create the variety of tempos as the visual programme creates many folds and slides to the resolve of this first section. Character focus at this time the use of mirrors is impressive along with characterisation on frontline ensemble musically as the mirrors and the intriguing music come into play to mesmerise the audience. As we move from this to the lighter passages that includes the full on sabre set. Next it moves on with great excitement with confusion as its dominant interest at the high tempos, as the music continues to build the intrigue and the guard with flame flags push for maximum effort. Downtime, at this point allows a passage of release and the guard interact with the character (soft blue silks) as it moves back to the negative block the guard moves through and creates the integration. As we move towards the closing period the rifle line and gold flags help the ever present tempo to increase the mood once again through block forms, slides and pushes to increase the visual tempo with pass throughs, this again creates energy as the character finally takes the step and enters the labyrinth. Northern Star, clearly in a class of their own.

Division 1

Distant Thunder Program “Wicked” Score 80.8

From a positive shape side 2 we hear clock vocals “Tick! Tock!” with movement which gradually enters into an explosion of sound, the guard produce good energy with large silks as the corps produced open and closed block form into line slides and continue into to curvilinear form on the soft passages. This rotates and raises the tempo as we enter the resolve. Ballad, a well controlled soft textured passage of music allows the guard to move in with mauve silks, opening out the form and sliding the rotation to open positive with the guard inside on the resolution. The show continues with “Over the Rainbow” as we move away the lift of the music of this passage helps the flow and rotation of the arcs as it pulls around until it concludes the rainbow, we push on again building to the crescendo with the guard on green, black and gold flags working hard and contributing with good equipment by movement into the resolve position. The guard as the music lifts move out with rainbow flags, effective as the intrigue builds to moving block formation at speed. The music continues working at pace through many changes of voices to the final climax.

6th Hove Scouts Program “A man called….” Score 83.2

Starts with a large positive block with guard inset, this sets up intrigue as the block dissolves leaving the Baritone solo, and the guard with large red and gold silks, the brass and percussion push the tempo on as the visual programme progresses to build speed and movement to resolve into a positive circular shape. It restarts with vocals and guard, as it reforms and starts to rebuild again, the music carries the programme through a series of rhythms and tempo changes, as the visual book uses slides blocks and rotations to motivate the speed, and then decelerate into the slower passage of rolling arcs to resolve into a large block on side one, this reforms again to finally resolve and produce another block to the front, the music through these passages continues to create intrigue and interest through out to the resolve. Excellent emotive Idea using percussive slams to allow the solo effort, the use of rifles to control the emotive build into the integration of the guard into the form, before it manages to resolve to the front. At this point red silks appear working hard to maintain the layering at speed, the music creates many passages of power at high velocity tempo’s and depth with good control, pulling the emotional stops all the way as the programme finally resolves into the Cross.

37th Kingswood D&BC Program “Modern Art, Modern Music” Score 87.5

Opening set positive box guard integrated, side 1solo guard member picks up on the “Pictures at an Exhibition” music form, move from box build through until motion increases through block forms and tempo changes. Guard use large yellow and blue flags into flow rotations and revolving lines, as they increase at an ever increasing tempo, into segmented rifle and body movement then on into the percussion segment, all at an advance tempo. The next number adds confusion to the intrigue, in a positive way as it uses a staccato idea, on side 1, starts to create energy to resolve musically with a positive statement on the front line. As the music ensemble carries you through the softer passage and moves away slowly, before changing up the tempo to help the progression of ideas within the quality of the visual statement as it also progresses onward, the performance qualities are outstanding. Again the stamina of the guard as they rush on with the black frame silks filling up the negative block, an outstanding emotive effective moment, slide pushes move on to increase the visual/musical book towards the max. Great final resolve with control and a welcome return as BYBA’s Division 1 Champions.

The British Youth Band Association would like to thank Tony Jones, Drum Corps Europe for taking the time to write this report and to DrumCorpsMedia.Com for their superb photos.

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