Rochester Crusaders 2008 Open House Report

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Well, I think that everyone is just starting to get back up from their after drum corps naps.

It was an amazing weekend for Crusaders once again this weekend. Things started out Saturday with a record turnout including vets from last year as well a quite a few new faces. Mike Laurie and the rest of the staff did a great job once again with the banquet and a big thank you goes out to them and all their hard work. Without all of you this wouldn’t be happening so well for Cru! You’re the heart and soul of the corps and we all love ya. OK enough hugs and kisses, onto today. And what a day it was.

As I sit at the welcome table collecting information,and welcoming new face after new face after new face amongst an almost 100% turnout from last years members, I get more and more excited about things to come. I keep looking down to see low brass low brass and alas more low brass. With the Russian Show that Jim wrote this year I am very proud to say that even after only one day, we are going to have a rockin low brass section. The warmth of their sound could just warm your heart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we didn’t have any high brass. They were there in great numbers and playing their stones off as well. It was a treat for me to get sit in front and just listen to the sounds coming out of that brass line. It reminds me of the sounds reminant to some championship corps that I have been involved in. This brass line is serious about things and willing to take names getting where they want to be. Watch out or check it out.

I went into the drumline room and what a turnout. I think every piece of battery that we have was on someone’s back. The line was pretty good this past year. They are at that point now and just looking to move from there. They had a great day working on technique and things and the staff was excited for the next camp to move onto some show music. In the front ensemble room (where I was most day) the members were also busy working on technique and exercises. They got a chance to go over one song for the 08 season and things are looking huge for the front ensemble. More to come on that..

Colorguard: OK all can admit that was the OMG moment of last year( IE OMG their guard is HUGE). Well this year will not disappoint as the guard will once again be big. They worked all day in the gym getting work done to the opener, which they performed with the hornline at the end of the day. It’s going to be beautiful and quite effective. Tracy and Sarah are doing another great job this season.

The day wrapped up with ensemble in the gym, including the hornline performing the opener with the guard and then the entire corps playing Hut. Included was the drumline just jamming into last year’s drum solo. To my surprise no one stopped them and it was in fact better than finals. Smokin drumline!

If you are interested in checking out the excitement and class that is the Rochester Crusaders, please join us at our next scheduled rehearsal on January 5 & 6th 2008 at Hope Hall in Gates, NY. Information can be found at our newly revamped website at If you have any questions please contact myself at ssquire [at] rochestercrusaders [dot] org or our recruiting director at brianwilt [at] rochestercrusaders [dot] org.

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