Bushwackers Announce 2008 Program

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Imagine a place where the chart-topping stars are brass players, dance is a way of life, and folk singing tells the stories of the old world. Imagine a place where crossing genres is the norm and where it is routine for brass repertoires to be assimilated into different traditions. Imagine a place where you can’t quite figure out where the music comes from, because it comes from everywhere, but you know it makes you want to dance or sing or play along.

That place exists today, and The Bushwackers will take you there in 2008.

"Gypsodic!" will feature intense rhythms and modes, powerful harmonies and a huge dose of pure entertaining energy. The show will feature music influenced by international sensations such as Boban Markovic, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Kocani Orchester, La Mystere des Voix Bulgares, Rabih Abou-Khalil and others.

The Bushwackers are delighted to be taking part in the evolution of a genre of music. The music of "Gypsodic!" has been evolving for centuries as artists experienced things from far away and incorporated those ideas into their own work. By adapting that music and using it to create an entertaining drumcorps production, The Bushwackers will be joining those artists in blazing new trails in that genre.

Join the 6-time world champion Bushwackers for this amazing opportunity.

For more information on the genre, please click in this link to a link to a NY Times article.

And, stay tuned to www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you’re interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information…please fill out a membership form or email us by clicking here.

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