Connecticut Hurricanes Announce 2008 Program

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The Connecticut Hurricanes have loaded the wagons and are heading west for the 2008 DCA campaign. Show Coordinator, Jim Dugan, announced at yesterday’s open house that the Hurcs are going west and will expand on a show concept idea used back in 1999 which until this day is still talked about as one of the most entertaining shows performed in DCA.

The corps will begin in the east with Aaron Coplands "Billy The Kid Suite". The corps will continue moving westward with an original composition combining "Shenendoah" with the Hurricanes corps song "Mariah". Put on your dancing boots as the corps presents a good old fashioned "Hoedown" again from Aaron Coplands "Rodeo". This will bring the Hurricanes to their destination the west, as they close out their journey with their trademark "Magnificent Seven". The Hurricanes are very excited about presenting this show to the fans who will really enjoy it and can’t wait to see it again. The storm warning flags have been placed on the wagons as the Connecticut Hurricanes are setting out on a journey that should take them to the promised land.

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