Friends Of CGN Started

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Color Guard Nederland has started the ‘Friends of CGN’. A donor organization that will start financing extra projects for CGN. Members have some very interesting, exclusive rights.

CGN wants to support extra projects, especially educational projects. By offering the friends some extra benefits, this will create a win-win situation. Membership for one year is just 15 euro’s (about $22 or £11) and you will receive many advantages for that, like:

* Earlier access to ticket pre-sales for the 2009 season

* A free program at the CGN Championships
* Special friends newsletter through e-mail
* Your name in the friends list in the program
* Your name in the friends list online
* Discounts for new CDs and DVDs
* Special discounts on tickets and merchandise

But being a member is more a symbolic thing. By becoming a member you show the importance of youth programs like CGN’s. Thousands of young people find a very positive way to spend their time in our units. How often don’t you hear about young people getting in trouble. CGN and it’s units fight this by creating a positive environment. With your support we can extend this.

On you can read more and register as a friend. We thank you for your support !

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