Over 300 Experience Life As A Crossmen

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Over the last two weekends, more than 300 students from around the world made their way to Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio,TX or Central High School in Keller,TX with the goal of learning more about what it takes to be a member of the World Class Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps.

In an effort to expand opportunities for students throughout the state of Texas, the Crossmen offered two experience camps this year, in addition to their December Audition Camp. The San Antonio Camp was held over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and this past weekend saw the Crossmen hitting the road for Dallas to setup camp. At both camps, the turnout enabled the staff and instructors to provide focused, individual attention for each attendee as well allow the members to truly sample the Drum Corps Experience.

Experience Camp attendees enjoyed a weekend of instruction by the Crossmen staff, an opportunity to spend some time with current veteran members of the Crossmen, the chance to sleep on the gym floor and eat off the food truck and of course, both weekends culminated in a memorable Show and Tell presentation on Sunday afternoon. Those present at show and tell were treated to performances of the Corps Song, Russian Christmas Music and our anthem, The Water is Wide. The Front Ensemble and Battery Percussion also performed several exercises and shorter tunes, and the Colorguard displayed a variety of dance and flag routines movement choreographed at the camp by our staff.

“It is exciting to see the next chapter of the Crossmen continue to flourish and grow here in San Antonio,” stated Assistant Corps Director, Jarrett Lipman. “Hearing the Experience Camp attendees perform Russian and Water is Wide, and watching the group come together through the course of the weekend shows that regardless of all factors, the Crossmen will continue to field a fantastic drum corps that all alumni, fans, friends, and family can be proud of,” he added.

Veteran members of the Crossmen were crucial in assisting the flow and success of the weekend. Returning members are not required to attend the Experience Camps in order to secure their spot for 2008, but are invited to spend the weekend helping to facilitate rehearsals, participating in leadership sessions, and sharing their stories with all those new to the Crossmen.

2007 Colorguard member and San Antonio resident Megan Czekaj was extremely excited to be a part of the weekend. “I was very impressed by the level of talent that came out to audition this weekend. I can’t wait to be a part of the upcoming season and spend my summer on the road again.”

As part of the Experience Camp, all those who were interested in auditioning for a spot in the 2008 Crossmen were provided with the opportunity to do so. Each auditionee received instruction on how to proceed, and information on returning to the audition camp in December.

“There is great promise for the Crossmen in the upcoming season, and we are looking forward to stepping it up at the December Camp,” stated Corps Director, Mark Chambers. “Having the veteran members back at the next camp, as well as the rest of the staff, will only add to the overall experience we can provide for all those interested in becoming a member of the Crossmen.”

At both camps, Chambers spent time with the prospective members discussing various aspects of being a member of the Crossmen, and how it connects to real life.

"Drum corps is about more than just what goes on during rehearsal and performance. It is about discipline, responsibility, passion, friendship, dedication, and so much more. We want the Crossmen to be a total life experience for all those involved," added Chambers.

All those interested in auditioning for a spot in the 2008 Crossmen should make plans to attend our audition weekend, held December 14th – 16th at Ronald Reagan High School. Veteran members auditioning for the corps should also make plans to attend the corps’ 2007 Annual Banquet on the afternoon of December 16th at the Spring Hill Event Center in San Antonio Texas.

For more information about attending our December Camp or about the 2007 Crossmen Banquet, please contact Jarrett Lipman at Jarrett [at] crossmen [dot] org

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