Tony Jones Appointed DCE Adjudication Manager

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Drum Corps Europe has appointed Tony Mackenzie-Jones as the DCE Adjudication Manager. Tony will coordinate all judging matters as part of the DCE management team.

Tony’s first active involvement in marching music was marching in a scout band. After serving in the army (being involved in a pipe and brass band) he studied for A levels and diplomas at night school, to achieve the qualification to enter University to obtain a degree in commercial and dramatic art in 1967. He continued to study to obtain his teaching certificate at teacher training college in Bristol in 1969.

In 1964 Tony became involved in judging and have been constantly either judging or teaching or learning in many situations, in many parts of world, to this very moment. "I have always liked teaching and watching

things, and people mature and grow", Tony said. "I want to be part of what it takes, in an area that I can be useful, to help make drum corps for everyone, happen for everyone, in my small way. I am very excited about the future for us all in Europe."

"I met Tony a few years ago for the first time", DCE Chairman Marcel Matthijsse added. "I know him as a very hard working, passionate and very talented person. He definitely knows what he is talking about as he has a lot of experience as a judge, teacher and adjudicator. So I’m delighted that Tony accepted our invitation to become the Adjudication Manager and I’m very much looking forward to working with Tony."

Tony succeeds Adriaan de Kruijff in the role of Adjudication Manager. Due to circumstances Adriaan has stepped down as the judges coordinator. Drum Corps Europe wants to thank Adriaan for his hard work, being one of the pioneers who helped building DCE from nothing to where the organisation stands now. Adriaan will continue judging for DCE.

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