UPDATED: Colts Members Seriously Injured In Car Accident

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Jay tells me that the family is all there with her, listening to her favorite music and saying their goodbyes.

They have listened a couple of times to the music she used when she won the state color guard solo championship a couple of years ago, and they have listened to Morning. She has the words for it with her in the room.

It’s time for her to go. She is being kept comfortable and she will leave us sometime soon when she decides it’s time.

She is at peace and is comfortable and seems ready to let go any time.

She baffled and amazed the experts all week, but no one who knows her can be the least bit surprised about that.

Please pray for her and pray for her family.

Further news and details will be posted here.

On behalf of B and her family, I thank you all for the outpouring of support and prayers they received, and I’m sure will continue to receive from everyone.




As of just a few minutes ago, Jay informed me that they have decided to do some additional surgery to give her a better chance.

I do not know what it is for, but I do know that they would not have decided to do this unless Bianca was holding her own.

We were there with her and her family until about 4 a.m. this morning, and things were not looking good for her then. I said what I thought was a final goodbye to her when I left.

The family’s plan at that time was to wait until her dad and sister arrived at around 5 a.m. to discuss what they wanted to do.

Since then, she has continued to hold on and fight, and she has amazed more than a couple of people involved in her care.

The odds are still long, but it seems everyone around her is willing to fight for as long as she is.

Keep your prayers and thoughts coming her way. Miracles do happen, and she is definitely in charge right now.

Peace. Thank you for your love and support of this amazing girl. She’s been incredibly strong through this whole ordeal. You can be proud of her.



We are establishing accounts for both families at Dupaco Community Credit Union, 3299 Hillcrest Drive, Dubuque, IA 52001, care of Sue Hallahan.

You may also mail your contribution to us at Colts, PO Box 515, Dubuque, IA 52001 and we will get it where it to them.

Checks may be made out either or both:

Bianca Vocke Fund
Erin Reichle Fund

We can also accept your contribution via our web site with your credit card.

The Senior High School color guard has begun doing fund-raising programs as well for both families.

Regardless of what health insurance they may have, there are tremendous expenses that the families have and continue to incur that are not covered.

Please do what you can to assist them.

Expenses for both families will certainly run into the thousands of dollars, and they will continue to mount.

Bianca’s parents have yet to be home, with all of the expenses that out of town living represents, and Erin’s folks just got home after a week.

B’s mom has quit her job to be with her, and Jay has been off work this entire week as well.

Erin’s parents have similar situations I’m sure.

Updates to follow as we know more today, but as of 7:00 a.m. this morning, B was still putting up the good fight but was not gaining on it all very much at all.

Thank you again for all the best wishes that continue to pour in. What a difference they make to both kids and their families!

Take care,


You may call us at the Colts office at any time for further information at (563) 582-4872.

Thank you for your support of our families and our kids!


Bianca Vocke and Erin Reichle were seriously injured in a single car accident on Friday evening near Waterloo, Iowa on the way home from Des Moines.

"Erin is in a hospital in Waterloo, Iowa with serious back and neck injuries plus other injuries.

Bianca had to be air-lifted to The University of Iowa Hospitals overnight.

I talked to Bianca’s mother earlier this evening to be make sure we have the most accurate information possible…

Bianca’s condition has improved from "critical" to "critical but stable" in the past 18 hours, but she is seriously injured, and her outcome is not yet certain.

Your prayers are needed. Prayer and prayer groups make a difference. If you feel you can provide that support, please do so now.

She is in an induced coma at this time and has undergone extensive emergency surgery for internal bleeding and injuries. She also has swelling on the brain. An MRI is being performed as I write this to determine the extent of any brain injuries she may have.

She was responsive to her mom and others earlier today, which is very good news, but she is far from out of the woods.

I am convinced that people in a condition like Bianca’s not only hear but respond to and benefit from messages that are read to them from friends and others.

Please send me your best wishes for her and I will make sure that she hears them. I am planning to leave to see her at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Please send your message for her to greg [at] colts [dot] org and I will get it to her and her family.

Please do the same for Erin. She will have a long and difficult road to recovery as well."

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