2008 Bushwackers January Camp Report

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The Bushwackers officially began the 2008 season in late November, and despite weather issues and holidays, the corps had a productive December. But, the corps kicked things into a higher gear in January.

With the holidays behind them, The Bushwackers held a highly successful camp during the weekend of January 12, a weekend that also included the annual Bushwacker Ball. The excitement of that weekend only increased during the following two weeks, and the eagerly anticipated second camp of the month took place on a beautiful sunny January 27.

The Brass section made big strides this weekend with a very productive rehearsal. “The trumpet line is the largest it has been in many years, and the talent level and experience of the trumpets is very high,” said Director Jay Morlot. Brass instructor Rob Stein added “We have the pleasure of teaching an excellent group of members who are talented, organized, and hard working. We’re months ahead of where we usually are at this time, and things will only get better from here!”

More encouragement came from the Percussion section which has seen an increase in talent this winter. Members and alumni were particularly thrilled that in addition to the other work that was done, the battery brought back our beloved “Bush Beat” cadence and performed it at the ”show and tell” portion of the rehearsal.

The Bushwackers are happy to announce that they have secured the beautiful facilities at Old Bridge High School for the remainder of the winter season. There are still some openings in all sections, so please put the dates of our February Camps on your calendar if you are interested in having a thrilling summer (or just want to check things out).

February 9-10 Brass and Percussion

February 24 Brass, Percussion, and Colorguard

Please visit us at www.bushwackers.org for more information.

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