2008 Cadets January Camp #2 Report

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Six minutes of music to the Cadets program "In Pursuit of Happiness" is now intact as members of the corps Creative Team make plans to meet this week to discuss concept, design and staging of a show that takes fans on a journey through life and the quest for contentment.

The Cadets met last weekend at Penns Grove High School in Carneys Point, N.J., for their third camp of the season. The brass and percussion sections combined to play nearly two additional minutes of Vesuvius, the second arrangement within the program. According to Cadets Director and Program Coordinator George Hopkins, the corps is now moving into the percussion segment of the program.

Using the music of Arranger Frank Ticheli, the Cadets program will relay the beautiful and powerful journey into the pursuit of happiness. While some alterations are being made as the music develops, the Creative Team continues to coordinate a program that examines life from adolescence to the late years. Musical selections within the program also include An American Elegy, Nitro and Apollo Unleashed.

Hopkins will meet with Drill Writer Jeff Sacktig this weekend in Orlando, Fla., to discuss staging elements of the program. Joining in via conference call to go over choreography with the team will be Designers Curtis Uhlemann and Greg Lagola.

“We have decided to make some changes to the ebb and flow of the program as we watch the development. We have much more time into Vesuvius and, as a result, we will be adjusting the last third of the show,” Hopkins said.

The pace of rehearsals falls in line with the schedule leading into the Spring. The corps is set to have all music learned by the end of the March camp. Hopkins acknowledges the talent level of the hornline and percussion section make a huge difference in keeping the momentum.

“I am very impressed with the corps. Very! The brass line is very good. The percussion line is strong,” Hopkins said. “All seems on track.”

The Cadets next camp is Feb. 8-10th at Penns Grove High School. Only five camps remain before corps’ Move-In for Spring Training on May 23rd. The Cadets will debut their program during a Come Home Celebration and exhibition on June 15th in Allentown, Pa. Their first DCI competition is June 21 in Toledo, Ohio.

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